Saturday 22/09/2012, 17:58

Sunday 23/09/2012, 12:40

Nice deck. I would personally change Naginata to Ray, Trish to Arnie and Azgroth to Sargh.

Tuesday 25/09/2012, 17:36

Lol no Ray is bad stick with Naginata, Azgroth to Karrion, Wardog to Tolliver/Dean, Bryan to Wyre

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Tuesday 25/09/2012, 17:39

I find Ray is better then Naginata as hes an 8/8 with his ability and usally can make your opponent overpill or underpill allowing you to inflic damage but its a personal choice.

p.s Oracle please don't use bad language in the public forums.

Wednesday 26/09/2012, 13:43

I am sorry was not aware of that rule. But thing is Naginata threatens so much on the first turn that your opponent will either go 0 pillz or 6 pillz. makes my opponent overpill every single time. and her stats arnt much worse. and arguably ray's ability is situational and only gives you 1 pill in advance.

Wednesday 26/09/2012, 17:43

Either way i have to agree with oracle, I never liked Ray as a card, Naginata is doing wonders in my deck though

Wednesday 26/09/2012, 19:45

Ray > Naginata

Friday 28/09/2012, 01:41

Are people high? in wt ways is Ray better than Naginata

Saturday 29/09/2012, 13:06

He has a higher damage and can get plus 8 attack. Naginata only really works as a first turn play and she can be read quite easaly, stop opp ability also makes her weaker then Ray (by 1 damage).

They are both good cards though so its a personal choice.


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