offline xerokira Veteran  
Monday 24/09/2012, 01:24

We are a rapidly growing active guild. We are everything our name states, we play fair and maintain a peaceful environment. Everyone is welcome from Serious ELO players and collectors, to people who just get on a couple times a week to chat and play a few rounds. Champions posted weekly. Guild only event's at least once a month, with great prizes for all guild members. Active message board with lots of subjects from useful tips and information to getting to know each other better. There are only a few rules. #1. You must be respectful and polite to all players. #2. Must be level 10+. #3 Must be active weekly(this means playing at least a couple rounds a week and that if you will not be able to do so, to let one of the admins know or, make a post on the guild message board.). Check us out and see what we are all about. smiley

Honorclan Guild

offline b00witch Divinity Open Casket
Sunday 18/11/2012, 18:43

We are now at Level 10 - check us out.

LEVEL 25 plus only.

Honorclan Guild

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Clint City, day.