offline DumpweedAlex Senior  
Sunday 07/10/2012, 06:44

Someone please help me its not letting me sell my cards to kate

offline Mr Intelijent Master Harbingers of Ares
Monday 08/10/2012, 08:48

They can't be a part of your deck unless your deck contains 9 or more cards you will be unable to sell a card.

offline Chef Mike Colossus URBAN MADNESS
Monday 08/10/2012, 17:21

Without having bought credits , you can only sell 1 card a day , either publicly or to kate .

offline UM_AaaBattery Moderator URBAN MADNESS
Tuesday 09/10/2012, 21:16

You need to keep 8 cards in your deck all the time you can't sell a card in your deck if it bring the amount of cards lower then that. You also can't sell Ld cards to Kate (or anyone else).

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