Wednesday 02/01/2013, 04:09

smiley++WELCOME++ smiley

Join the Patratrooper LTUnited today! Information is listed in the guild. Level 10+ and up, Everyone is welcome at the Paratroopers LTUnited! Learn strategies and eventually fun events that will benefit all. Nothing but the best in this new hit guild. We will dominate the UR world. MEMBERS MUST BE ACTIVE! So Join up! Questions?
Just ask below!!! Thanks!

Paratroopers LTUnited

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Wednesday 02/01/2013, 15:49

Yeah the awkward moment when everybody needs a guild but no one wants to join a brand new. smiley
Come on!!! Let's make it better. I know that the start is always the hardest, but the very first steps has to be done smiley
Am i right? smiley


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