offline Sweinoot Legend The Infinite Shoeblack
Saturday 16/02/2013, 04:33

Hi! I would like to sell or trade my 60 Thorpah 0xp (valued at 10000 each) and my 37 Naele 0xp (valued at 8000 each). Of course, all clintz would be great, but I'll also accept the FULL XP cards listed below (valued at current market minimum). I'll post updates with any significant price changes.

Sigmund Cr (valued at 500000)
Rass Cr (valued at 625000)
NDololo Cr (valued at 680000)
Aldebaran Cr (valued at 695000)
Flavio Cr (valued at 730000)
Berserkgirl Cr (valued at 750000)
Armanda Cr (valued at 770000)
Dragan Cr (valued at 800000)
Shawoman Cr (valued at 900000)

Thanks mods!

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