offline Joinone Imperator XiongDang
Saturday 16/02/2013, 14:57

Hi hi guys

I started a little cheap deck elo experiment some time ago. Why? well... I'm bored. seriously, I am, just want something different. And thanks to whoever cheap cards have been pretty good for a while. So here are my thoughts.

Deck building

5-4-4-3-3-2-2-2 is what I usually go for, or 5-4-3-3-3-3-2-2. Full deck or half decks doesn't matter, let's see what we've got for cheap first.

5-star: Timber is free
just kidding. Even Ashigaru is not good. Here are some cheap(

offline -Fruz Senior  
Saturday 16/02/2013, 19:15

Well, really it all depends on what clan you're going to use, I suppose I'll start at the top and go with All Stars.

5* - Sigmund/Eyrton.
4* - Spudd/Alexei.
3* - Randy, Nathan, Karen, Kang, Davina.
2* - Lance, Loretta, Cesare, Ashley, Miss Jessie.

To make a deck with those, I'd say you're best to go with the 5/4/3/3/3/3/2/2
Out of preference I'd go with Sigmund, Spudd, Randy, Nathan, Karen, Kang, Loretta and Ashley.

That in itself isn't too bad, the only problem is lack of power because that adds up to 48, but with the all star bonus it's technically 50 which is great.
The deck is quite alright - 3 attack manipulators, 2 damage reducer's, a 'Stop' life remover and a heal card.

There's plenty of playing field for that and you could quite easily manage to get to 1200 with that, perhaps 1250ish, which isn't bad for the price.

offline Joinone Imperator XiongDang
Sunday 17/02/2013, 05:23

Ok here is the rest of the post.

There are some cheap and decent (Or maybe Leela awesome) cards that can possibly carry you to 1300s: Leela, Daqun, Billy Hilly, Rosen, and Sigurd. Rosen is purely for the power of Roots since Roots is overall good; Pussycat is cheap awesome half deck; All Star has Karen; Freaks are cheap; Berserk has some usable commons.
Honorable mention: Sentinel has some usable a little expensive choices but overall cheap full deck (very skill based though).
This limits us to 6 clans.

4-star and the rest: half deck materials here, but good ones.
Eddie + Eugene + Felicia(I just like her); Lakit half deck is OK i think; second tier Vertex since you only play for the bonus + 2-star DR;
Frozen is awesome for half deck Eliska among other great commons; Piranas if you are really into SOB but no good 4s there.
The only thing hard to find is cheap SOA, but that's not a must.
Sentinel only works as a full.
Now we have 10 half decks + Sentinel; As you mentioned All-star can go full, but I personally disliked so.

The Deck

Mix now; I always liked pussycat with another offensive half.
But I started this week by using Daqun half with Frozen; doesn't feel so good
then used Leela pussycat + Frozen, got to 1300+ on Friday.

Will try Hilly Billy deck next week or maybe Freaks + Pussycat


offline Joinone Imperator XiongDang
Tuesday 19/02/2013, 08:02

1202 on Tuesday, So many Jungo and Roots so scary...

but Hilly Billy is cool and going for 2HKO with Vertex is fun... even if you lost lol

The Deck:

offline Joinone Imperator XiongDang
Thursday 21/02/2013, 14:34

From 1200 to 1300 it took me 12 wins, 8 loses, and 3 draws.
But hey it's still Thursday!

offline Joinone Imperator XiongDang
Sunday 03/03/2013, 14:18

This one is the best so far in terms of stability
from 1095 to 1307 in 1.5 hours yes I know Sunday is pretty easy to a certain point but i'm not asking too much

offline KitsuneKatsumi Imperator XiongDang
Sunday 03/03/2013, 20:41

Since the market on commons is currently crashing, are there any competitive ALL COMMON (no Lds) presets that a new player can put together?

offline 0_AAR Colossus E X C A L I B U R
Sunday 03/03/2013, 22:23

How about the classic mono jungo ?

nahema buba boohma radek rodney scopica jean pegh

easy as pie smiley

offline jlegolas Veteran night school
Monday 04/03/2013, 01:08

Easy but for 15k...
Joinone decks were for 4-5k

offline Joinone Imperator XiongDang
Sunday 10/03/2013, 14:54

New Deck Poison Spear | Sound Shield
Junkz is always a great wall clan, plus classic Freaks poison!
7 straight wins from 1200 to 1300

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