Monday 18/02/2013, 11:37

Hi guys and girls,

I am looking for a nice, somewhat experienced, guild that does not care about levels all that much. I am getting back into the game after a break of several months. I've got some experience from playing in the past and am looking to get to higher levels as soon as possible.

My prefered game mode is ELO, which I will be playing fanatically as soon as I hit level 15.


Monday 18/02/2013, 13:18

Join vengeful little ponies we are really active and strong we will accept you

Monday 18/02/2013, 16:57

''elo fave game mode'' from an level 14....

oh well gl looking for an guild.

Monday 18/02/2013, 19:50

Please read the context before you quote smiley.

"I've got some experience from playing in the past". [/quote] this basically means I have played some years ago, but cannot find my log-in

Monday 18/02/2013, 20:21

As long as you've told staff about your old accounts its alright.

I Said that since multis are banned.

Monday 18/02/2013, 23:24

Please join my guild Dark Sorcerers because we only have 4 players in this guild. There is no minimum level required. All members will be accepted. You will also earn a reward of +5% Daily Battle points earned during fights.

Thursday 21/02/2013, 15:36

Please can you join my guild and i will join yours too


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