offline lemiho19 Novice night school
Sunday 24/02/2013, 00:15

Bzzt!--Bzzt!- A bolt of lightning strikes a tree nearby, igniting it instantaneously. The embers touch the midnight sky like a demon grabbing at the innocence remaining in my soul. They should have never built this boarding school right next to a swamp.

             The rain pattering against my window is causing me to ask a lot of questions. Has my life so far been worth living? Am I ever going to be able to leave this school? Why is that burning tree closer to my window? All these questions are racing through my mind, bouncing back and forth like a bullet in a metal room. The annoyance of boring curiosity is... wait, wasn't that tree on fire? And why does it look suspiciously like my roommate? Enough. Back to my current curiosity. Why does... wait, where did that tree go? My attention immediately shifts onto the glow coming from my door. The glow looks like... wait, is that a burning tree?

If you have no fear join Night School lvl 25+
Must reach 300 guild points a week

offline lemiho19 Novice night school
Sunday 24/02/2013, 04:43

Myeltd is credited for the story =)

offline lemiho19 Novice night school
Sunday 24/02/2013, 15:06

smiley silence is key. smiley anger is an issue. smiley fear is an enemy. smiley don't fall asleep in class. smiley confusion is fixable

If this catches your attention join night school

offline lemiho19 Novice night school
Monday 25/02/2013, 17:48

Today (Monday) and today alone I will accept anyone lvl 10+ if you are not lvl 25 in 2 weeks you will be booted though so hurry and join smiley

offline lemiho19 Novice night school
Monday 25/02/2013, 17:57

For people to note in the future I will no longer be recruiting after my guild reaches level 25 if all you want is the guild bonuses you have to earn them along with the rest of the guild members,

offline playerkid7 Master  
Tuesday 26/02/2013, 02:24

So i have been in this guild for a few months now and i must say that out of all thr guilds i have been in this one is the MOST organized and the MOST and active and the MOST fun and has the MOST kind people. This is the best guild out of all of them (IMO).

offline lemiho19 Novice night school
Tuesday 26/02/2013, 02:42

smiley we are awesome

offline Animemaster22 Titan night school
Tuesday 26/02/2013, 02:56

This guild is awesome! The way we all work as a team and the way the message board are active. I hope everyomne well join the NightSchool!

offline Deathsighted666 Imperator night school
Tuesday 26/02/2013, 16:42

This is a supportive and informative guild. Always helpful with questions and strategies. Very kind , elite players. Come join you won't be disappointed.

offline D4rkNightmare Senior  
Tuesday 26/02/2013, 18:38

This is a good guil, I 've learn many things since I came and first I learn I was a noob until entering into that guild lol. I give you a rating of 3.5/ 5 . I would like to see the chat more animated, we are prevented for the events that's good we can improve that guild. Let's roll ! Plus, there is a lot of ppl which help me like magila, lemiho or Akiwalrusx3 thank you !

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