Monday 11/03/2013, 02:41

Looking for members as we currently only have 4 members. The guild is Casual and doesnt ask for anything in particular for anyone to join just be active and friendly. If your looking for a guild to chat apply but no trolls. lol jk anyone is welcome. Well anyway heres the link http://www.urban-rivals.com/en/guilds/guild/?id=1913183

Friday 15/03/2013, 00:21

Join us and feel the experience! Grow inside and with the guild and become one of our legends! If you enter the guild you will enter in a lotto with a 0xp Kawamashi Cr as prize, so come on and become UR FANS

Friday 15/03/2013, 18:39

Come on man, you dont want to earn a Kawamashi Cr? Well, ok but you will feel very bad if you dont join us now, because when we have grow up we will have requirements that you may not have!

Sunday 17/03/2013, 17:02

We just improved our own bank and make a powerful alliance!


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