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Sunday 24/03/2013, 17:19

Economy is a guild specifically based on that: the economy of urban rivals. It is split up into two specific parts; the correct allocation of pillz in individual battles, and second is the value of any individual card in clintz. This guild is being made specifically to think about these two things, and analyze them in order to both make clintz and win games. It is a project long time in the making and attempts to answer questions such as:
-When to buy and sell cards
-How potential elo bans affect card values
- Do formulaic equations work in real time battles to win percentages of the time?
- Is it better to go all in with pillz later or earlier in the match?

No restrictions on accepting members. Anybody willing to join who is willing/interested in such pursuits.

My background: Played the game on and off for about four years. Top elo ranking is 1445 and have hit 1400 several times since then. Recently admitted as a pre-economics major, and interested in urban-rivals as a test subject.

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