[Sell/Trade] my caelus Cr Marco Cr hriger and kalindra

Friday 10/05/2013, 08:50

Hi All

exchange my Cr and cards :

1. 65 Hriger 0xp : 4k/Each

2. 28 Marco Cr ( 8 0xp ) : 36/each

3. 15 Caelus Cr 0xp : 105k/Each

4. 3 Kalindra 0xp : 45k / each

for her I'm looking for:

Cr Full : Vickie Cr Kerozinn Cr Lamar Cr Tanaereva Cr Jackie Cr Robb Cr Edd others Cr payable

Carte Full: 5K in up : Maurice Marina Uranus GraksmxxT Kolos Dregn Dagg Cortez Spyke Saki Coby Copper et altre

you can contact me by mp


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