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Saturday 11/05/2013, 13:36

Only for non dutch!

With the dutch community we are going to all the different parts of NL (provinces including Flandres).

We are now going to our Capital city, Amsterdam and there als international guest welcome!

The round of Netherlands continues and this time we go to our capital, Amsterdam. At Amsterdam, Schiphol Airport, is what helps to ensure that there are quite a number of tourists every year. This event will consist of two parts. One for the NL community and for the tourist. After that we come together in one finale.
Our tourist spots in Amsterdam area include three places well known;
From Artis are a large part of the animals released and the Jungo then go support your mission.
From the red light district there is also a certain support, all members of the Pussy are made ‚Äč‚Äčavailable. Also from downtown The people which you do not expect are going to interfere, all Junkz are present.
Do you belong to the strongest to keep the dutch people away and take over the tourist places.

The event will be played with these three clans.

For inactivity will once again apply these rules: 5 or fewer games played, means an eventban of 2 weeks.
Only 16 people will be allowed to play!

Round of Netherlands, Amsterdam

Number 1 price of the final event is a Berserkgirl cr

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Friday 17/05/2013, 07:54

Still possible to join, enough places left!

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Monday 20/05/2013, 19:58

Still spots open!

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