offline WMDuessel Guru Wise Men Distracted
Sunday 19/05/2013, 17:01

I wonder if any of you have your own favorite cards? Cards that pull on heartstrings, for example cards that you started with, cards that you worked your level 5 butt off to get, cards that you sold your leaders for because of Slify's reviews, anything. I have several myself.

I started way back in 07, where UR gave you random cards instead of preset starter cards. Like everyone else, Hugo was probably my favorite card at the time. He let me beat level 37s (!) through my excellent math skills.

I stopped playing UR eventually, but I came back in '09 to the release of Shann, my absolute favorite card. I got her in a pack, and I was amazed by her art, her story, and her overall strength as a card. Until this day I have fond memories of smashing players with Shann, along with my Lennox, Naykee, BB Cool J, Laetitia and Platoona, I was unstoppable.

I then stopped playing UR again, but came back in 2011. Shann is still my favorite card, but I came back and actually wanted to start playing seriously, DT ELO and all the other modes. I scrolled around the presets, sold all my good cards (aside from Shann), and spent 11k on a La Junta deck. Best decision of my life. I played ELO for the first time, and I managed to score 1266 with Isatis, Chiro, Bryan, and a few lame cards (I used Tank, lol). To this day, Bryan is my favorite male card. Unfortunately I don't use him in ELO anymore due to Wyre, but he'll understand.

Share your stories!

offline UM_AaaBattery Moderator URBAN MADNESS
Sunday 19/05/2013, 17:35

Nahi Cr will also be close to my heart lol as the Cr I first aimmed for and got because I saw her and fought UR might stop giveing her away lol.

Shes also very usable but sadly underplayed.

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offline badna0 Imperator  
Sunday 19/05/2013, 18:51

When I started out in UR, Piranas were my favorite clan. I became determined to collect a whole clan first, and started accumulating the Piranas.

At a time when I found it difficult to accumulate 1000 clintz, Smokey Cr seemed hopelessly out of reach. I think I worked for around 3 months to grab that card, and was absolutely ecstatic to take my pill manipulation frenzy (with Hawkins and Scubb) into DT and ELO. To this day, I still have fond memories of that card.

... Bonnie Ld is up there too. I remember seeing the first Legendarys come out and thinking, I'll do them if I have the time. Then, when I discovered that my beloved Piranas got (arguably) the best one, I became enthralled anew with the clan.

... She got ELO banned and DT penalized in the meantime, but I still love that card. Such a brutal fork for a 2*.

offline hashburki Guru REIGN OF THE SUPREMES
Sunday 19/05/2013, 19:49

I guess probably ector, given to me as a starter card, and still he's in my piranas deck. Though i won't hesitate to replace him should piranas come with a better replacement.

offline JO3SHMO Imperator Wise Men Distracted
Monday 20/05/2013, 02:35

Back when I was a newbie in late 2011, the first card I bought was Winifred (lol!). As I progressed through the beginner rooms I soon realised that her WHOPPING 11 DAMAGE with an active bonus, fury and Timber (who I also used) did not compensate for her underwhelming 4 power.

I've since sold nearly all my useless cards from early on (I kept Dreen and Dolly because they were actually playable), but I still hold onto my Winifred for sentimental reasons. I actually still have the Mac Hen from my starter pack for the same reason. smiley

Also, my first 'big' purchase was Mona. I used to have a reputation in my guild for being the resident Montana player, as I used them A LOT in DT's, ELO and guild events. I've since branched out, but Mona still has an important spot in my collection. smiley

offline Awilly Colossus URBAN MADNESS
Monday 20/05/2013, 03:17

Like JO3SHMO when I started the top card was actually a quite lame card (Frida smiley I know what you are thinking, I was such a NOOB) but anyways as time as progressed and new cards have came out my favorite card, is one that I was surprised with in a New Blood pack, Spyke! He doesn't have any penalty in DT which makes him unstoppable but if I remember there was a short period of time he was off the ELO ban of the week which makes him a huge threat but sadly he is now! He is practically a free 7 life points drainer (9 with fury) due to the fact that nobody wants to go up against him. Even with SOA he is a pretty good threat against people, and he is only a 4*

offline M-Bison Titan Wise Men Distracted
Monday 20/05/2013, 03:50

Igniss is mine smiley

offline rockerdude943 Hero  
Monday 20/05/2013, 05:17

Selma, a card I bought from from one of my friends, the card lead me to buy all the piranhas and love their pillz manipulation

available przemus47 Colossus Gwardia
Monday 20/05/2013, 10:25

I love dorian and serena in my first pack.

offline NeoNoire Imperator Harbingers of Ares
Monday 20/05/2013, 11:21

One time, Euzebe gave me a fly. It appeared out of nowhere in my collection, a clear sign of Her omniscient powers. I gave it food and shelter, clothed it, bathed it, and accepted it like it was one of my own. Because of its homeless nature, and its cute little glowing posterior, I proceeded to call it Glow-Bum.

We had some great times, I would teach him the art of battle, how to be annoying like the cool flies he idolized, and he would tell me stories of times past, of the glory days before his enlightenment. Living off Jungo excrement, chilling with other flies inside the bodies of members of the Nightmare clan, putting out with lady flies at the Pussycat HQ, wild drunken excursions with Oryon. Good times, good times I tell ya.

But, as cliche as it sounds, everything eventually comes to an end. I fell on hard times begging outside the Uppers building (I got pissed on by a dog who came out of a limousine once, not cool at all), sold a kidney to the GHIEST, and even lived with the Roots.

Glow-Bum couldn't take it any longer and offered to sell himself for me. I declined feverishly at first, but eventually gave in. I mean, I don't think anyone could after 2 weeks of eating your own... lets not go there. I went with him to the slave market, my heart at my feet, and put him up for a meager 100 clintz. ''Believe, Medivh. Fate will bring us back together.'' The last words he and I shared, as he was dragged away by the Frenchman who had just bought him.

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