Wednesday 24/07/2013, 17:09

Before I start need to say my english isn't the best but if you want you can understand (I think :weirdsmiley
Ok i'm looking for a way to do Clintz , fast or slow i don't mind but I need to make sure that make some money but not like 300/500.
Just that but I hope you can help me :s.

Ps: Which Pack is the best to make money? And which clans to choose.

Thursday 25/07/2013, 14:30

Ultimate pack according to me , survivor for making money

Thursday 25/07/2013, 15:08

Best way to make clintz is market play combined with maxing out your root income from game by playing ELO/Survivor/DT's and good events while doing missions as you proceed.

Packs are mostly about randomness, sometimes they pay good, sometimes they suck. You can make good picks that are like 50% better than others, but the time to gather another 40 credits takes so long normally you could use that time better - so Cherry-picking packs is not that awfully important after all, just beneficial.

Thursday 25/07/2013, 15:58

Yea that works too.

Thursday 25/07/2013, 16:45

DeepEnd Thank you smiley

Thursday 25/07/2013, 16:49

Where's my thank you ?

Thursday 25/07/2013, 16:51

Sorry :s , solo_Hydro Thank you to hehehe

Sunday 18/08/2013, 15:19

Play one game in standard dt and one in extended. Its about 50 clintz from each one. You can also win the cards in duel mode and sell them. You could can also check which ld card just came out, buy the key card low early and sell it when demand is higb.


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