Saturday 17/08/2013, 01:05

Is 12 random collectors really random? If i have 100th i got the same chance of getting Jackie Cr as the first guy?

Saturday 17/08/2013, 01:06

I mean, any collector, not the more expensive one, just if i have 100th place do i have any chance for CR?

Saturday 17/08/2013, 01:17

At the end of the week, the top 100 all go into a lottery with presumably equal chance. 12 names are drawn out, and the CR's are distributed in order of score (ie. highest score gets most expensive, lowest score gets least expensive).

So yes, if you place exactly 100th you will have an equal chance at receiving some sort of CR as anyone else in the top 100 - however placing 100th will only ever get you a chance at the lowest prize as everyone else drawn will be above you in score.

Saturday 17/08/2013, 01:35


Saturday 17/08/2013, 07:59

I imagine a lottery, where 12 random numbers from 1 to 100 are drawn, and the prizes are awarded to players whose rank matches that number, and the prizes are awarded, in order of rank. So the top guy gets the best Cr, the bottom guy gets the worst. Sometimes, the Crs are not ranked in order of price. For example, it is possible that the 7th Collector is worth more than the 6th.

Saturday 17/08/2013, 08:29

I suspect that the '7th being worth more than the 6th' would be with CR's with similar values. Mid week price changes can swap the value order around, but the prizes are locked in their order based upon their market value at the start of the ELO week. That's how I imagined it, anyway. smiley


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