offline CK_Wisdom Guru <=Chaos-Knights=>
Saturday 28/09/2013, 06:22

Please suggest a crew and the best characters I can get within that price range in that crew smiley

offline Zero-Alucard Titan URBAN MADNESS
Saturday 28/09/2013, 07:01

To be honest, 14000 clintz isn't really much...maybe a cheap Huracan half deck deck? Maybe Zapatino Derby Queen El Gascaro and Magistro Ld (once you get the other Huracan 's that is, and once he becomes available again) OR El Matador . With Huracan , because they are a new clan, expect their prices to rise once they leave New Blood , so by buying them, you are also making a investment smiley

But wait for someone else to respond before buying smiley

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