Saturday 19/06/2010, 20:53

I started using Jungo because of the beautiful artwork- far superior to most in my opinion. When I started actually researching them, though, I thought they looked pretty good and I've put together a deck that pures Jungo, allowing for some great KO possibilities or, if nothing else, expanding the life gap (which I'm a huge fan of). I'm not concerned with ELO as far as this deck is concerned, so it's a little star-heavy. Check it out:

-Adler *****
-Askai *****
-Boohma ***
-Buba ****
-Jalil ***
-Mindy **
-Ongh *****
-Radek ***
-Sylth ****

This allows for some great KO possibilities in nearly every hand, and some diverse strategies. I particularly love Mindy as a bluff card (and Jalil, too, in a pinch!), and Askai with either Buba or Boohma pretty much always equals a win. Obviously, I have troubles with GHEIST decks, and sometimes Nightmare decks, but every deck has it's weaknesses.

So? Any comments, questions, or critiques? I'm all ears and willing to improve! Thanks!

Tuesday 23/07/2013, 05:39

Cool deck

Monday 12/08/2013, 08:43

Hi been a Jungo user too but kept losing for like many times oh and im 11 y.o smiley


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