offline MrDroxy Veteran Balkan Savagez
Wednesday 07/07/2010, 15:53

I have money but i dont know what to buy my deck uppers is Burt,Jackie,Nellie,Oxen,Rubie,Samantha,Wayne Stark and Wendel.Just say what i need to change.

offline MrDroxy Veteran Balkan Savagez
Thursday 08/07/2010, 15:09


offline arcueid_14 Imperator  
Thursday 08/07/2010, 16:11

For type 2 : Keep Jackie Nellie Oxen Glenn use them to force your opponent to use their pills
And combine them with Bangers/Ulu Watu for heavy hitter smiley

offline vhel2 Master  
Monday 12/07/2010, 06:23

Is it ok to combine uppers to sakhron....?

offline Jin Kisaragi Titan  
Monday 12/07/2010, 06:36

Burt to zatman

wayne stark to Beetenka

offline Xiander Titan Random Encounter
Monday 12/07/2010, 14:50

Of course thats okay. i cannot immagine anyone would get mad at you for making that combination smiley

Playabilitywise i think it has some merit as well.
Uppers has some pretty hard hitting cards (Rubie and oxen) aided by their bonus to make it easier to get them through.
Sahkrom has a lot of cards with really strong abilities (Uranus and graxmmt take the prize) and though their bonus is a little less effective than uppers, it stille helps them force the opponent to pill.

Using such a deck in daily turnaments could probably give you a rather fair placement, though i doubt it will take you to the top twentyfive. It can be made with a low starcount, and with chances to twohit KO, which can give you some fast points. it might take someclintz to put it toghether though.

offline M-Bison Titan Wise Men Distracted
Monday 12/07/2010, 22:51


Thats the Uppers deck i use and i get top 5 daily, now i know Ambre is abit expensive but your nearly level 35 so its something to consider, if your looking for top 25 in DTs i wouldnt recommend Sakrohm. There best cards involve abilitys such as + life, DR ect..which just slows down the game, now if your looking for a good half to go with Uppers your best bet would be montana, although people can get top 5 with la junta/bangers ect...its just a matter of speed and wins, also try going for a 26* deck.

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