offline Rozen_Craft Titan  
Saturday 12/06/2010, 23:17

I made this 2 possible decks for ELO/ T1 and i wanted you to gimme your opiion about it and if you dislike it what do you think i should change.
Also what do you think is better Taham or Morphun, Sentogan or Veenyle in this deck and why.

Thanks in advance.


Taham/Morphun 5*
Rowdy 4*
Nobrodroid 4*
Lolly 3*
Otakool 3*
Tremorh 3*
Gil 2*
Dash 2*
Sentogan/Veenyle 2*


Gibson 4*
Rowdy 4*
Sireen 4*
Keanew 3*
Otakool 3*
Tremorh 3*
Gil 2*
Sentogan 2*

offline D34dM45t3R Titan TRiNiTY
Sunday 13/06/2010, 05:07

Nice i like the pill deck you should use Morphun when hes not elo banned when he is use taham and you should use veenyle over sentagon a dr is always good to have also in dt you can use Morphun but you would lose like 2 points if you do

offline Zhudac Master  
Sunday 13/06/2010, 05:36

In the first deck, I'd take Morphun over Taham. He's guarenteed to give you three pills unlike Taham, which gives two when you win; that's also risky (amusingly, some people think +pills = +attack... but then, if you pill 3 with Smokey Cr, and you get beat by a two pilled Petra, you're three pills down... doesn't sound much like a +21 attack to me :/) Again, though, personal choice. Sentogan or Veenyle... this is little harder to decide. While -3 opp. damage min 2. is excellent for a 2 star, 1 damage is so meaningless that you have no incentive at all to pill it, nor the option to. Sometimes that can be taken advantage of to play high damage cards like Jay that do high damage even reduced, or cards like Phyllis that can bypass the reduction. This can be manipulated to some degree, but it still is a pretty big disadvantage. Nevertheless, it's your own choice smiley

In my opinion, decks that focus on one theme (like pill manip.) sound good on paper are but quite limited than versatile decks. I think you should combine those two decks to strike a balance... forgoing Rowdy or Gibson in favor of Nobrodroid is.... extremely unrecommended unless you happen to be a prodigy. Maybe


offline Rozen_Craft Titan  
Sunday 13/06/2010, 07:54

I appreciate your comments. Thanks i would like to hear more :smiley

@HoC_zhudac what i see in Nobrodroid is that you can control you enemy with it because once you put it in game depending on your enemy remaining pills you can just use all the pills and still have 4 for the last round or you can set it with a few pills and expect the other player to spend lots of pills or use a SoA card also you can play it in the first turn if you go first and the opponent will be kinda confused so they can think is a trick but is not so they will use just a few pills maybe to go with what is not so risky and then with not that much pills more you can win the round recover 4 pills and deal 4 dmg.

In the other hand if you are playing vs roots or gheist they may laugh and at that "useless" card you got without the ability and think that you will just trow it as a sacrifice and think you are a noob for choosing it and underestimate you so then you can end up dealing 4 dmg with a few pills or maybe if the opponent is in 6 and you have to put your card second you can maybe use pills + fury and give your opponent a surprise.

offline Zhudac Master  
Monday 14/06/2010, 22:50

You'll find, however, surprise tricks tend to fail much and opponents become better and better at reading as you progress throughout ELO... and as for Nobrodroid, he's practically the same thing (or actually, little worse IMO) as Scubb. He becomes as hard to use for you as to counter for your opponent, I've realized when I played mono-Pirana with Scubb. I've once pilled 9 in to Scubb just to get beat by a 8-pilled Tremorh, or 8-pilled and find that I found the 5 damage reduced to 2 damage, and me at 8 pills while the other has 12 pills. The only thing I truly found him useful for is a bluff, or forcing the SoA out of the opponent (and it's not uncommon that your opponent sees through that too, and just beats him with a 1-pilled Ghumbo... the match doesn't look too pretty for you now). They're too predictable and counterable in their usage, and that shows evidently when you go to the higher echelons of ELO.

offline Rozen_Craft Titan  
Tuesday 15/06/2010, 02:53

Is not always all or nothing

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