offline Steamvalve Senior  
Wednesday 04/08/2010, 16:02

Hey guys,

Would any of ya'all be able to take a look at my deck?

Miss Chloe

Right now the deck is really clunky, so if there's any way I can clean it up...and yes, I'm a Sentinel fan, so I picked a sucky clan, blah blah blah.

offline Rage Titan  
Wednesday 04/08/2010, 16:44

I'm not sure if you have a lot of clintz or not, however 1 change that you could make that would make this deck a lot better is swapping out Cloe for Hugo. His attack bonus will make it a lot easier for you to win games with the cards you currently have (you should have gotten him at level 15. if he's not fully leveled and you want to use him right away, you can always use the new level xp option).

offline Steamvalve Senior  
Wednesday 04/08/2010, 17:53

Hey, thanks for the advice! I do have Hugo (as I'm level 1smiley, so it was a quick switch in. Heck, I might even try a Sentinel/Rescue deck next.

offline Jin Kisaragi Titan  
Wednesday 04/08/2010, 19:27

Rescue is made for mono not split play.

offline aravan-1134 Imperator wicked souls
Thursday 05/08/2010, 05:47

Agreed only play mono rescue,

As for your sentinel deck, I would replace Rick with Tobbie

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