offline Euzebe Colossus Open Casket
Friday 02/10/2009, 11:58

Hello all,

A new mean of payment is available for players living in Philippines, Brazil, Turkey and Israel.
You can purchase credits with Ultimate Game Cards.

You will find Ultimate Game Cards in these shops :

Philippines : Load Central
Brazil : E-PREPAG
Turkey : üyelikal
Israel : Storm

Have fun

offline FSjibu Master  
Saturday 06/02/2010, 13:48

Oh?. .500 for 50 creds only?. .tae naman!. .so should i use credit card na lg ba?

offline IamZeik Guru  
Saturday 06/02/2010, 14:58

If your gonna buy credits with UGC i suggest you buy 400 credits/1.5k php or 1k credits/3.5kphp and credit card would be better if you have one smiley

offline Khrises Hero Bleusticks Protectors
Saturday 06/02/2010, 15:03

@FSjibu ang conyo mo lolsmiley
I'm not sure but apparently if you purchased P1000 worth of UGCs, it would be equivalent to 250 credits. Compared to just having 50 credits for P500 this deal would have to be better.(not very sure just read it somewhere) Now compare this to paypal transactions,where the closest to 250 credits is 260 credits which costs 10.9 euro or approx. P800, it is easy to determine which one is bettersmiley

offline FSjibu Master  
Sunday 07/02/2010, 14:15

How many credits in P250?? if i use credit card?. .

offline FSjibu Master  
Sunday 07/02/2010, 15:17

How much is the minimum amount when you use credit card???. .

offline CHR0 Titan  
Sunday 07/02/2010, 21:26

So the UGC is better compared the the United States version of getting credits or not?

I dont know how to calculate the differences and Im just wondering. smiley

offline Khrises Hero Bleusticks Protectors
Monday 08/02/2010, 03:16

The last time I used one, P200 in credit card is equivalent to 70 credits but I,m not sure because of the volatility of the currency exchange

offline Ycarus DDC Guru Harbingers of Ares
Monday 08/02/2010, 23:23

Last i bought was 140 credits using my aunt's credit card. it cost her less than P500, which i wholeheartedly payed back, of course.

UGC is really not worth it.

offline FSjibu Master  
Tuesday 09/02/2010, 04:23

Ahh, ok. .hey pinoys out there. .can anybody there give me a rescue card?. .hehe. .tnx. . smiley . .i wanted to have aurora. .

offline FSjibu Master  
Thursday 11/02/2010, 18:18

What is the minimum amount when i use credit card?. .

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