offline Euzebe Colossus Open Casket
Friday 18/12/2009, 16:21

Win 50 matches with the Piranas. Complete 25 knock-outs with Copper. Finish in the top 100 of a Tournament or simply complete 5 fights. Whatever characters you have and whatever your level, the missions await you. Complete them to win prizes and Mission Points that will allow you to see just how talented you are compared to your friends.
From now on, hundreds of different missions are available. Some are visible and some are invisible until you’ve completed them, while others must be unlocked by certain conditions. It’s up to you to find out how…
The missions await you

offline CDG213 Colossus URBAN MADNESS
Friday 18/12/2009, 17:55

Yey now its working smiley

offline Yoda_LoA Colossus Legends of America
Friday 18/12/2009, 17:59

If you look you will probably have "Reach Level 5" as one of your completed missions. Things like that should be automatically updated. It kind of freaked me out when I discovered new cards in my collection (prizes for beating missions).

I'm sure the slowness will phase out as the system stops updating. That was a lot of new program all at once.

Oh, and before someone can say it... I never claimed there wouldn't be missions. I just said it was an update that hadn't been confirmed yet. So there. smiley

offline Vinyl-Scratch Titan D-Versified
Friday 18/12/2009, 18:06

I wonder how people are getting points so fast

offline CDG213 Colossus URBAN MADNESS
Friday 18/12/2009, 18:06

smileysmiley New layout
smileysmiley Missions
smileysmiley mission pop up thingy while in a room
smileysmiley EVERYTHING NEW

Thanks for all the new things you have done yourselfs out smiley

(sorry for posting so many times smiley)

offline -TC_Murty- Master  
Friday 18/12/2009, 18:15

Perfectsmiley ilike it smiley

offline AoEM_Sleeper Novice Army of Elite Mercenaries
Friday 18/12/2009, 18:16

Can somebody explain to me how I get mission "Reach Level 5"? I didn't get it automatically...

offline 0 Boookie Guru  
Friday 18/12/2009, 18:18

Im having some troubles, I have been doing matches all day, but its not filling the things in as i go
I have done 3 matches with atleast 2 all star and it still shows up as 0
Same with Uppers, and Sakrohm
I have won most games by KO and that is still at 0 And my 50 damage is at 7 *Only worked in LW*
Also i did 7 dmg with Graks and yet again nothing

Any reason why its not adding up my totals?

offline kazjun Titan aussie crusaders
Friday 18/12/2009, 18:22

Still slow, and I haven't got my getting to lvl 5 mission yet. But I guess I'll wait and see.

offline Memento Mori Titan Open Casket
Friday 18/12/2009, 18:23

I'm currently adding the missions to the database so everyone can check them. Keep an eye on

offline Axis-Mundi Imperator UndertakeR TeaM
Friday 18/12/2009, 18:33

Why don't i get the tournament msg anymore its weird ?

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