offline Euzebe Colossus Open Casket
Friday 18/12/2009, 16:21

Win 50 matches with the Piranas. Complete 25 knock-outs with Copper. Finish in the top 100 of a Tournament or simply complete 5 fights. Whatever characters you have and whatever your level, the missions await you. Complete them to win prizes and Mission Points that will allow you to see just how talented you are compared to your friends.
From now on, hundreds of different missions are available. Some are visible and some are invisible until you’ve completed them, while others must be unlocked by certain conditions. It’s up to you to find out how…
The missions await you

offline Fraggle Titan HK's fox on typewriters
Friday 18/12/2009, 21:19

@ork_wang: i dont quite understand what you mean.

We are experiencing an extremely high play-load right now (cool smiley) but it triggered an issue that we never had before that is slowing down the whole site (a lot).
We reduced the problem but it's still there, please bear with us in the meantime smiley

About the missing art:
We changed the flags to a whole new set and it seems that downloading them for the first time is slowing down the loading of the rest of the images (we are sequencing them now 8 max @ the same time - it should have been an improvement smiley) thus, making the card all blacks.
Try to wait a little bit before clicking the "fight!" button in the players list. Wait a little bit till all the flags are loaded, it should be much better. We'll investigate as well.

Some kind of missions that you have "completed" in the past will be unlockable, automatically or by you - we haven't decided yet.

We are very (very) sorry that the site is laggy at the moment... we can't do much right now because it's on high high load.

offline xordam Veteran  
Friday 18/12/2009, 21:23

Now i wish i hadn't spent all last night leveling cards, i coulda gotten a crap load of missions done today i maxed out like 20 freaking cards last night

offline _wise_ Titan the courtyard of shadows
Friday 18/12/2009, 21:26

Also as i said before,for missing art REFRESH THE PAGE

offline ON_Ragnarok Titan  
Friday 18/12/2009, 21:26

A friend of mine said he got a Smokey in the same misson that rewarded me a Dean/Alexei... (dunno if it's true since I don't have Print Screens or whatever to prove it but he isn't used to lying on that stuff - also this is being reported by other players).
The misson that gave me a Naykee gave an Enzo to another person...
One misson that gave me clintz gave CREDITS to another player
To the briliant minds who came up with the idea of missions:
This is awesome. It made see UR almost has a new game and gave me yet more reasons to keep playing. You have my gratitude and my respect for this awesome changes. It sure brought the game to a whole new and higher level. But...
By choosing this prize method (not the same prize to everyone) you have ruined half of the fun from it.
I've spent 140 credits in NB packs today only to get cards that you could describe has junk - so many good and valuable cards an I get the low priced ones. Not even one new card.
When I saw this new mode I thought that not even that pack "incident" could ruin my day. It seems I was quite wrong... No more random prizes please. Make it fair to everyone smiley

offline Ponchos shirt Guru Heaven's Drift
Friday 18/12/2009, 21:29

Lol, I would not be sorry but EXTREMELY happy!


This is possibly the best news I have heard for UR in some time!

Really starting to kick serious butt here Fraggle!

offline 0 LUC4_SR Colossus ZĂ©nith
Friday 18/12/2009, 21:33

I have bug when i was playing in Elo room.It happened several times that i click on new fight and after that i'm on same match giving K.O to some player which i beat n last fight.It was really funny to enter several times in same match which is finishing by K.O and getting several time klintz and points for thatsmiley
Hope you will fix all and update base good luck.

offline CDG213 Colossus URBAN MADNESS
Friday 18/12/2009, 21:40

Fraggle don't be sorry smiley You have done all this for us there is no need to be sorry smiley

offline shadowwot Hero  
Friday 18/12/2009, 21:42

Is there a way to look at my completed missions and the rewards I got for them?

offline tpu_Renji Veteran  
Friday 18/12/2009, 21:43

I participated in the DT at 16:00 o'clock and i got into the top 1/3, but i didnt get the 50 clintz or my +1 credit, i thought it was because the site was still updating. I know i didnt get them cause im eagerly awaiting the credit since i have 19 right now

offline tpu_Renji Veteran  
Friday 18/12/2009, 21:48

I didnt get the clintz and credit from the tournament i participated at 16 o clock and i thought it was because at that time the updates were still going on. didnt get a message either. i know for sure since im eagerly awaiting the +1 credit to get 20

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