offline Zee Deveel Master  
Wednesday 14/04/2010, 10:39

This is a thread where people can list their top five favorite clans(leaders not included). If you want you can give a description of why u like them.

1. La Junta - great damage and high power (also their half of my first deck so im a bit biased)
2. Gheist - great bonus and great theme
3. Skeelz - bonus makes them (and their abilities) almost impossible to stop
4. Ulu Watu - awesome bonus that makes them almost impossible to beat.
5. Jungo - cause its bonus messes with my style (almost as much as Montana's does but not enough to make me hate it)
I don't know much of all the clans so pls forgive my list if its a bit nubish smiley.

offline victor0809 Veteran  
Tuesday 13/07/2010, 03:47

1. Gheist - cool theme, great damage and bonus
2. skeelz - bonus make them almost unstopable
3. freaks - poison is greatsmiley
4. jungo - high power and damage plus a cool bonus
5. ulu watu - because lulabee is in theresmiley

offline Lunien Guru  
Tuesday 13/07/2010, 06:23

1. Jungo - First deck I made with a clan
2. Sakrohm - Way too versatile
3. Bangers - Shann = Win
4. Skeelz - Fun to piss off all the GHEIST and Roots users
5. La Junta - Emeth is a beast

offline X-Fluffy Hero Peenoise Republic
Sunday 18/07/2010, 06:56

3.All Stars
5.Ulu Watu

offline Endracer Guru  
Sunday 18/07/2010, 07:05

1.- Freaks: you just have to love them smiley
2.- Piranas: not so much of a pirates theme but the pil manipulation is deadly
3.- all stars: they are just great, try face marina, striker, robb and jessie/randy/stacy in elo
4.- ulu watu: tanaereva and wee lee.. enough said smiley plus is always fun to play with nanook, gaia, kirk and taigo in elo
5.- skeelz: a very fun clan to play

offline swagmaster420 Guru TRiNiTY
Sunday 18/07/2010, 07:29

1. Fang Pi Clang
2. Freaks
3. Vortex
4. Jungo
5. Skeelz

offline aweezus Titan Organized Konfusion
Sunday 18/07/2010, 16:57

1. Ulu Watu
2. Junkz
3. Jungo
4. Sakrohm
5. Pussycats

offline Cresno Veteran  
Sunday 18/07/2010, 21:30

1.La Junta
5. Jungo

offline 0_AAR Colossus E X C A L I B U R
Thursday 22/07/2010, 14:59

2.Ulu watu
3. Jungo
4. Vortex
5. Montana
6. Sakrohm
8. Nightmare
9. All Stars
10. Uppers

offline Diabolus 89 Veteran  
Tuesday 21/12/2010, 22:40

1. Ulu Watu (best clan ever)
2. Nightmare(nice cards and bonus)
3. Montana(really great bonus)
4. All Star ( powerfull cards)
5. Junkz ( great pill manipulation clan)

But I think the best clans depend on wich player plays them.

offline HonorGuard Titan  
Wednesday 22/12/2010, 00:44

1. Skeelz - Yeah bonus is very situational, yet they are so good that they still can compete evenly (assuming you don't have the advantage) with all the clans
2. Montana - Nice bonus, 2 broken cards, and some really good cards
3. Sakrohm - Good bonus, 4 broken cards, and nice alien theme
4. Jungo - Animals!
5. Pussycats - All female clan, a no brainer favorite. Also the most balanced ability-wise (little bit of everything)

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