offline Euzebe Colossus Open Casket
Tuesday 05/10/2010, 11:35

Hello all,

I’ve heard that some matches in DM are not taken into account and others are considered as abandoned when it’s your opponent who left.

This problem within the code is very difficult to locate that’s why I’d like you to give me as much details as you can.

The details I need:
Your browser.
Detailed description of what you were doing (during the match but also if you were doing something else on the site, if you were downloading something, etc.)
A screenshot, during the forfeit if it’s possible.
In which mode you were playing.
Your connection : wifi or ethernet and what was its status at that moment.
All information you have.

No off-board comments please.

Thanks for your help smiley

offline Zoidberg1 Legend the courtyard of shadows
Monday 28/05/2012, 20:23

The Match selector is rubbish

Yes I have said this before, but if anyone had bothered to fix it I wouldn't be saying it again

PLease can someone fix the ruddy thing just for once I would like to play on even terms!

offline Rival Ron Guru  
Tuesday 29/05/2012, 03:14

I am having difficulty with my matches. It says I'm timing out even after I've selected my cards/pillz. Sometimes, it even clears out and I have to select again. Help! smiley

offline Rival Ron Guru  
Tuesday 29/05/2012, 03:22

Hello, I forgot to format it correctly. I am using Safari and Firefox on my MAC. I keep getting timed out or my card/pillz selections keep resetting. I've been playing Standard Tourney. I've tried using four different WiFi connections between home and my office.

offline Tacovendor Titan the courtyard of shadows
Wednesday 06/06/2012, 21:48

UR could u please fix the problem where the game forces me to timeout. I never had this problem pre-standard release and now it seems like 25% of my matches i lose because i time out. I select my card and pills and the screen fades and i sit there watching my timer count down. Sometimes it will even make me repick my card and pill options. Its been getting worse too the other day i had a match where i click play and i enter a match and was waiting for stuff to load and it never loaded i just lost the match due to timeout and never even got to see which cards i pulled.

offline diffler Veteran  
Friday 06/07/2012, 16:14

Your browser: Google Chrome
Detailed description of what you were doing: The match just started, I was chose my card and was just about to select the amount of pills but got an info window saying "The match is over" and got a lose and -20.
In which mode you were playing: DT, Extended
Your connection : Wifi

offline diffler Veteran  
Saturday 07/07/2012, 14:07

Hmm. The same happened again, but now I think I know why it happened. I was playing Standard DM first. After few matches I decided to play one DT match, the DM was still going. (Extra time.) I pilled in DT and confirmed the pills and straight away got the message "The battle (match?) is over." and lost.

offline {GN}El Bicho Titan Guardia de la Noche
Thursday 12/07/2012, 06:37


Points forgotten by UR smiley

offline RnB_ Imperator Pacific Rim
Tuesday 31/07/2012, 14:55

I played this person twice
And he made the same glitch
his name is Pad_Pedro
He is really noticable in ur
i dont know wheater he downloaded a programme to do it
this was an different glitch . Pad_Pedro was gaining pillz like 4 pillz evey round , it was so strange
i pm'd him saying you were glitching .. he kept saying jelousy is ugly my friend
I tried to report it .. =p

available Dr_Sigmund Moderator Deus eX Machina
Wednesday 29/08/2012, 09:21

10:11 Deathmatch almost won against orphelle (5-7) – your wins: 0 points and 2 Clintz

offline UM_AaaBattery Moderator URBAN MADNESS
Wednesday 29/08/2012, 12:44

If you have a bug send a support request to Urban Rivals otherwise they don't know what to look for to fix.

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