offline Orpheus Titan §§ Les Gentlemen Ténébreux §§
Tuesday 15/11/2011, 17:33

After few months of existence the solo mode gets a new, clearer look, allowing better access to a large number of challenges.From now on the challenges are grouped in packs of 14. As before, each challenge has its associated mission, and furthermore each pack is associated to a special mission requiring to win all the medals in the pack.The existing challenges are now regrouped in two packs : Promising Exploits includes the first 14 decks, while Assault Course regroups the 14 next and more difficult challenges.On the same occasion we introduce 2 additional packs. Each pack can be unlocked for 20 credits and offers not only 14 new motivating challenges but also missions allowing you to earn more than 2000 Clintz and other rewards, while having fun.In Omega Team you will face the new original challenges of Cheng and Lydia Omega, while Sworn enemies will lead you into the heart of the struggle between Lord Ruthven and Sir Mac Gregor.Don’t wait any longer to discover these new challenges!

offline heavysuit Guru  
Tuesday 15/11/2011, 18:57

Oh the irony... Just bought a pack last night smiley

offline AGPrinz Titan The BeSharps
Tuesday 15/11/2011, 19:02

@fraggle - I have bought about 2500 credits (i think), and am also currently going for my masters degree in business with a concentration of marketing. I am interested in buying these missions, however, i myself (believe it or not) am on a limited budget, and with new cards coming out every other friday, I would much rather save my money for this. However, i would certainly purchase these missions, if the rewards were more substantial. I believe that giving the players nice cards (like a Gibson or a Jiro...or a Toro) would make these missions more fun.

Even if you gave the credits back to the players (for obtaining gold standard) it would do a few things.

For one, it would make players play the game more, and invest more time into the game. Rule number one of any F2P model - Time is money.

Secondly, UR would get the credits up front, which is already "getting the money" to pay for such features, it would allow players with limited budgets whom want to get their money "back" to invest more time into the game, and time is money.

In my personal opinion, these single player missions should be aimed at newer players, whom wan to "earn" competitive cards for ELO mode, and veterans like myself whom want to purchase "cost efficient" content (which does not necessarily have to affect the sales of NB packs).

offline Afix Titan ELITE_LTU
Tuesday 15/11/2011, 19:02

Don't be narrow minded. Haters gonna hate, but cmon, it gives us an opportunity to enjoy this game from another perspective, so any form of variety is welcome.Sure it costs 20 credits, which for most of us means about 10 h gameplay, excluding elo and missions.
It's not the first thing to do when u have 20 credits, but i'm rather grateful for this feature.
Thank you, admins!

offline UM_SPeNCe Titan  
Tuesday 15/11/2011, 19:02

Hey there, just want to point out you got some kind of glitch, i finished now 2 missions in first 2 packs, i and i got reward for completing other 2 packs, omega and assault, 500 clintz and 30 bt points each...and i didn't even start those missions xD

offline GULLA RW Titan Reissende Woelfe
Tuesday 15/11/2011, 19:04

Hmm i agree that some new ways are needet to earn money for ur

but i think this should be done in ways that makes it intersting for pll. for example 20 credits eacht time you want to level up in guild system.

or 20 credits to unlock ld missions would be also ok.

but not fo unlocking missions...and you dont get really much more than missions...

offline Lady Cereza Colossus KEEP THE SMILE 2017
Tuesday 15/11/2011, 19:08

The new packs look great and I would say that if the price for getting would be lowered than maybe I would buy them

offline Champ786 Imperator Wise Men Distracted
Tuesday 15/11/2011, 19:30

Save your credits and get 50 credits pack or 295 credits or new blood pack at the release of a new card and sell it form more than 20000 if you lucky

offline M-Bison Titan Wise Men Distracted
Tuesday 15/11/2011, 19:31


So first I was like smiley Then I was like smiley then realised I don't even like solo missions so it ended up more like smiley

offline DeepEnd Imperator Limit Break
Tuesday 15/11/2011, 20:11

"This is supposed to be a free game so it is totally wrong to ask for someone to pay in order to do somthing that is normally free"

Free as what? You still get the credits just by playing. Now unlocking those missions takes a bit more effort, but its still not paid in cash!

This wont hurt the free-scheme. Its new thing that must be unlocked with same resoruces we have been using for packs until now. You just must ask yourself "What is most important to me, will I open these missions or will I be opening character packs?" - Eventually it all is doable with free options, but that takes time and dedication.

So the game is as free as its been so far. That lock is opened by credits - available to free players also - not by dollars or euros.

Real money serves as time-saving shortcut. Not as something that is absolulely mandatory. Because the shortcut is effective, it also keeps the game up because some of the people choose to pay - even if they really dont have to.

offline LB_Abnormal Titan  
Tuesday 15/11/2011, 20:13

I think it's perfectly fair to charge a small amount of credits for the missions, especially since credits are, after all, obtainable for free. But NO NO NO to charging credits for ld missions or leveling up in the guild system.

Cmon guys, it's still a free game. Nobody is making you buy these packs. Think of it as a special VIP thing. Almost every free game has it. It's how the developers stay in business. Just be glad that the "VIP" bonus is so small here, and allows the f2p players a chance to play.

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