After months of trials and taking into account your views (forums, surveys and the X-Periment ELO event), we are officially changing the list of permanent ELO bans: Arkn, Toro, Ghumbo, Bonnie Ld, Sledg, Ulrich and Arno will be banned, while Uranus in now authorized.These changes will come into effect from the week commencing December 05.Happy gaming to you all in ELO mode!

offline KitsuneKatsumi Imperator XiongDang
Monday 28/11/2011, 16:41

Piranas already have both SOB and the best pill manipulators ever released going for them. They didn't Ulrich, one of the top DR characters released, going for them as well.

Same with Bonnie Ld. Piranas have enough advantages without needing a top tier defeat 2*.

Of course, I never got to play with her much, she was nearly always banned anyway.

It is delicious that the staff would ban her immediately after rereleasing her last month.

offline Bad001 Guru  
Monday 28/11/2011, 16:42

7 Cards sacrificed to the so-called "Permanent" Ban hammer just to get a Uranus... Wow...

offline theKFCguy Imperator Great White North
Monday 28/11/2011, 16:56

It seems the people who are crying are Piranas and GHEIST users. I agree with most of the bans expect for Arno.

offline -Fahim- Master  
Monday 28/11/2011, 16:57

Arkn shouldn't have been banned. smiley

offline LiuTian Senior  
Monday 28/11/2011, 17:00

No more mono piranas?
Why the heck do you all release support + x in piranas anyway.

Uranus unbanned.
All clans are useless now.
Let's bandwagon sakhroms then.

offline -Fahim- Master  
Monday 28/11/2011, 17:03

I guess the Arkn ban means they don't want us to use mono-GHEIST any more.......


offline LukeFoley Hero - fang.crew -
Monday 28/11/2011, 17:39

I support most of these bans, but Ulrich? With Bonnie gone (and rightfully so) this leaves Piranas with not a single viable defeat or DR. Since the clan was only ever half-deckable with Bonnie, it would now be relegated to mono only... but without a single DR, no defensive SoA, and no playable defeat, Piranas seems totally crippled now. If not totally unplayable in ELO, it's close. If Piranas gets a decent defeat card (+ or - Life or something) soon, this will probably all work out.

offline Freshpirate Hero CLAN DORADO 2012
Monday 28/11/2011, 17:41

"After months of trials and taking into account your views" the messages you got here, these are NOT our views!

offline PinkiePieFTW Hero D-Versified
Monday 28/11/2011, 18:06

Lol no matter what they do people will always complain. As much as you may hate these new bans NONE of the clans are unplayable because of them.

offline DrTravelerLoA Senior Legends of America
Monday 28/11/2011, 18:06

Folks have complained loudly about Piranas being "crippled" or "destroyed" or "sunk" more than once in the past. Trust me, they'll be fine.

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