offline Euzebe Colossus Open Casket
Wednesday 01/02/2012, 17:12

Hello all,

We made a series of interviews between the end of 2011 and the beginning of 2012. These interviews persuaded us to complete a project we were thinking about for a long time: the setting up of a cards rotation system.

Right now there are 800 cards in the collection and it’s already too much for the game to run smoothly. The players who have all the cards always use the strongest of a clan and even if it makes them win matches they are frustrated not to see more variety. For their part, the beginners have to face a huge collection and they often feel quite lost.

We want to create a list that includes only characters released in the past two years (+ leaders and starter characters) and change several rooms which allow players to only use the characters in this list. We won’t impose this list in every rooms because our goal is not to stop you from playing the oldest cards, for example the DM T2 and Survivor T2 won’t change at all even if names will be different.

Let’s see what will happen in detail:

1/ Create a list of characters called «Standard» which will be updated every 6 months:
This list will contain Leaders, Starter Decks characters, all characters released within these last 2 years before the update (LD included) and characters which will be released after the update.
In practical terms it will give about ten characters allowed in each clan (with more or less the same number of characters in each level). Note that the new clans will keep all their characters. It will be taken into account in the cards releases planning. We will act as to give each clan what they need to be efficient.

2/ Creation of 3 new deck formats:
Extended Format: all characters allowed, no doubles, 40 stars max., equivalent to T2.
Standard Format: Standard characters only, 40 stars mac., no doubles.
Standard Format 25: Standard characters only, 25 stars max., no doubles, list of characters banned if it’s needed (for Leaders for example).
Note that the T1 format disappears.

3/ Finally, create or adapt battle rooms:
The Standard battle room : Standard Format with a DT every other hour.
Instead of opening a less than 26 stars (T1) room and a more than 26 stars (T2) one, you will have one single room BUT you’ll face opponents whose decks have a number of stars close to yours. This mechanism corresponds better to the reality of DTs today where every players try to find the good combination which will give the most points while winning matches with 20 to 30 stars decks. Merging the two rooms will allow you to keep this optimization spirit without the «artificial» side of the stars limitation. This flexibility combined with the Standard format will give a breath of fresh air to DTs while keeping specificity.

This room will be the ONLY DT room. There won’t be any T2, T1 or ELO Daily Tournament. We know that it’s not harmless and it was a very difficult decision to take. Some of you struggled a long time to obtain very expensive collectors which allow them to improve their results in DT and their disappointment is understandable. Nevertheless, DT’s today are clearly dominated by some decks not to say several highly efficient cards which is not healthy in a competitive game mode.

The ELO room: Standard format 25 (with potentially some bans), same rules except that there won’t be DTs in this room any more.
Use the Standard rules in the ELO mode sounds quite obvious to us. It will allow some regular changes to the mode and it will remove old characters which cause balancing problems. It should reduce the number of staff banned characters and no more characters banned by players.

About DT, we think that the ELO mode is pretty different from the DT. There is no reason to mix these two game modes. Today, ELO players have the opportunity to win free credits without playing in DT. Tomorrow they’ll have to choose between Dt and ELO which is already the case for players playing in other modes (Survivor or DM).

3 Deathmatch rooms:
Extended DM: Extended format, current DM rules.
Standard DM: Standard format, current DM rules.
Standard DM 25: Standard format 25, current DM rules.
The Extended DM will be equivalent to the current DM T2, only the name will change.
The Standard DM will allow players with big decks but with characters in the Standard list. The DM T1 will disappear and we’ll add a Standard 25 room. We noticed that the rare players in DM T1 were more ELO players than DT T1 players. We hope that the Standard DM 25 will be more used than the current DM T1 room. If it’s not the case, we will think about it. If there are DM T1 players here who are reading this message and don’t want this change to Standard DM 25, don’t hesitate to let us know.

3 Survivor rooms.
Extended Survivor: Extended format.
Standard Survivor: Standard format.
Standard Survivor 25: Standard format 25.
Same idea as Deathmatch.

And the rooms which won’t change:
Fight Club: the deck you want.
Warehouse: Training.
Warehouse no pillz: Training NoPill

offline Rainbow-Dash Senior  
Thursday 02/02/2012, 02:35

Lay off the sauce smiley

offline KuriosJason Senior  
Thursday 02/02/2012, 02:39

Kids. Lay of the drugs

A social message from your uncle KuriosJason

Over and out

offline wats_happenin Colossus Casual Grind
Thursday 02/02/2012, 02:42

Yeah I think it sounds pretty decent apart from the ELO rom as everyone has said. Think abour poor roots lol smiley, would they even have enough for a mono anymore?

I think it would basically destroy mono deck for most clans, or make the mono incredibly weak. even rescue would kinda suck....and thatd be a first

but itd be cool being forced to use whatever was released, but would give the newer clans a strong adv over the older ones..Berzerk wouldnt be affected at all, whilst Rescue and Montana would be hit fairly hard

offline Endymio Titan TRiNiTY
Thursday 02/02/2012, 02:47

Most clans have a tough go putting together 8 usable characters for a mono ELO deck as it is and you want to cut the choices down to 10?!?!
Forget the whole balance thing or the market manipulation that is going to happen . . . that just doesn't seem like its going to be fun. That is why most people play this game.
I mean seriously, how appealing is a format where the best 2* option for your clan is Gudvibz?

I mean call a spade a spade. This change is about ncreasing the sales of packs by limiting the options of your flagship game mode. There is an abundance of strong characters to make a deck and you can't release cards that are imbalanced so there is less importance on buying cards as they're released. This change is to promote the purchase of the new releases and that's it.
Please don't try to pass it off as a balance issue because that makes no sense and it's almost insulting for you to say so.

My 2 cents

offline DUC-Mentalist Legend  
Thursday 02/02/2012, 02:51

New deck formats seem good but i think it will lead to lot's of confusion when it get's launched.

extended format (old t2): i like
standard format: not a bad idea, but gonna be dominated by awesome released cards/newer clans
standard format 25: should be interesting to balance out decks
extended format 25 (old t1): gone. we should still keep it. many are used to it and it's a perfect DM format for me

possible changes:
less permabanned: hell yea
less player banned: hell yea (kinda ruined elo survivor. wished we had t1 survivor. player bans kinda messed it up as survivor isn't elo)
no stupid -2 points in DT: hell yea
clans useless: some clans really need their old cards in order to be somewhat playable (reason why i want extended format 25)

In februari I will be playing this game 5 years so i can tell you this game has changed ALOT.
lot's of new abilities lifted this game to a whole new level.
heal, defeat revenge confidence protection copy
if you don't evolve your playstyle you're doomed. thinking you can continue playing same way as before you went on a 6 month break is impossible

In the past i have seen something interesting in DT that might be worth bringing back. In 2008 or so there where only 2 different rooms. 1 allways was elo room and the other changed every DT. If it was t1 at 2pm, then at 4 pm it was t2. 6pm was t1, at 8pm it was t2 again and so on.
Alternating between normal and extended format can be a way to satisfy everyone

offline wats_happenin Colossus Casual Grind
Thursday 02/02/2012, 02:54


I understand that newer players are basically finding it harder and harder to play competitively until they reach a strong level and even then its harder to get great cards!!!!!!
Im guessing the flow of new players entering the game is slowing down, meaning less creds being bought, meaning less money for UR as a whole

FInally the time has come where UR is forced to change in order to continue on thriving otherwise itd risk just going under like many other interent games......

BUT I dont think just basically wiping older cards is the soltuion, maybe just make more rooms for beginners which rewards them with more clintz, etc, give them their own little tournaments and shiz which makes it easier for them to enter competitively into the other formats once they level up...itd mean they only face mojo's and god damn Flo's instead of Jackie Cr's

Or of course to make it even simpler....price ceiling every single card to a reasonable price....destroying market speculation and card monopoly....meaning everyone can eventually afford every card

offline -- Hades -- Veteran Bedroom Of Darkness
Thursday 02/02/2012, 03:03

No one's wiping old cards, they're just basically putting them in a different room, right?

offline Ink_MoB Imperator Pinoy Locals
Thursday 02/02/2012, 03:06

I think these rules will still be subject to change. smiley


offline Nintendan WMD Imperator  
Thursday 02/02/2012, 03:13

"If it’s not the case, we will think about it. If there are DM T1 players here who are reading this message and Don’t want this change to Standard DM 25, Don’t hesitate to let us know."

Me right here!!!

offline ShoCasanova Guru  
Thursday 02/02/2012, 03:28

Wiping out the old cards seems quite wrong to me. Sure, cards like Kiki Cr, Dj Korr Cr and Caelus Cr are OP and are properly banned but why can't i use Tessa Cr or Kerozinn Cr, just to name a few examples of Crs which are perfectly balanced and usable?

That's annoying but, ok, i can live with that but what about all the older cards? By keeping the players confined to the cards released in the past 2 years, not only will it be harder to make a proper competitive deck as it will also make everyone use very similar/same decks, unlike the recent Elo mode.

Plus, some clans are even more ridicularized. Seriously, just take a look at Roots and you'll see what i mean... I think that you guys could make a few exceptions for some clans such as the Roots and let them have some old cards such as Yookie and Rico just to keep them playable while they don't get new cards.

This also means that the players who buy more credits will have the upper hand. It rewards the newer players who are willing to spend money and i understand that but players such as myself will suffer to catch up and their Elo... uh, standard 25* scores will plummet...

In the beginning, i'm sure it will be a pandemonium as everyone tries to have an edge over other players and fit themselves within these new gamestyles but as time goes by and people accept and embrace those changes, everything will turn out to be fine. I just hope i don't have to quit UR because i can't keep up without buying credits... smiley

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