offline Boing Legend  
Tuesday 01/05/2012, 11:04

An icy wind, which can freeze the most stouthearted citizen, is blowing on Clint City. Their courage and valiance will be put to severe test this week. Be ready to fight!

offline -Wicer- Titan Harbingers of Ares
Tuesday 01/05/2012, 23:21

I hope its more comics. Those were awesome smiley

offline Skorpionex Titan The Masters Of Death
Tuesday 01/05/2012, 23:27

@ TheDoomBug

In 2008 was released Piranas clan, and in 2007 - Rescue clan.

offline Memento Mori Titan Open Casket
Tuesday 01/05/2012, 23:38


Up to 2008 new clan's were released every 6 moths

Berzerk came out 6th May 2011, but previous releases were around june.

offline tmxicon Titan  
Tuesday 01/05/2012, 23:42

Alright everyone, chill! Schwarzy is obviously going to be a Mr. Freeze based character. The iceman cometh! Now, is it just a character or a new clan? I'd find it hard to go through all this trouble just for one new character, so my guess is Schwarzy is likely the leader of a new clan. What killed the dinosaurs - i.e. Kolos? The Ice Age! The only reason I'm even posting this is so I can now use all the great Mr. Freeze ice-related puns and quotes. Prepare for a bitter harvest; winter has come at last. Let's kick some ice!

offline Alaton_Dinzel Imperator Pinoy Locals
Tuesday 01/05/2012, 23:51

I thnk its impossible for us in DT to gain 50m in 5 days...
but we dnt for sure...there`s something i really wanna knw
"10,000,000 : ?" what`s the meaning of this...???
maybe if we achieve this it will extend the days to take the event...smiley

offline TheDoomBug Colossus Limit Break
Tuesday 01/05/2012, 23:59

I knew I missed something. Thank you.
Regardless, I believe a new clan is a likely possibility and very exciting!

offline Zoidberg1 Legend the courtyard of shadows
Wednesday 02/05/2012, 00:07

Personally I think this could have waited until they had actually sorted out the new modes, surely getting the fundementals of the game sorted is more important to get right first than bringing in this sort of thing

offline Hula_Daisy Legend Immortality
Wednesday 02/05/2012, 00:09

Berzerk was released this time last year

offline Leafeon___ Hero  
Wednesday 02/05/2012, 00:13

Were not going to make it hahaaha lol fraggle

offline UM_Screx Imperator  
Wednesday 02/05/2012, 00:34

@myeltd, this isn't true. This is based off of the assumption that you only inflict 12 damage and opponent none. My opp hit 11 damgae on me, to which i won a round with fury on herman, and won with spyke, therefore a total 26

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