offline -NN_Sarphyrox Imperator  
Thursday 07/06/2012, 15:12

I would like to suggest that an option in ur that decides an automatic win or lose.

for example..

in the final round.., player X has 7 life 9 pillz while player Y has 5 and 4 pills life. player X last card is a 5* 8 power 6 damage no ability while player Y card is a 2* 5 power 4 damage no ability. both cards has no bonus activated. with this example player X will surely win.

so why not let the system decide that player X already won skip the final round before player X lags or accidentally click no pills and make fun of himself.

any comments smiley

offline -NN_Sarphyrox Imperator  
Sunday 17/06/2012, 09:14

I think the player with greem still has the right to chose the card. part of his strategy. there could be times where attack manipulators, high powered card, low star cards still forces the opponent to pill an extra instead of using that pill for a valued fury.although, i see know reason for a winning player to be stalling unless he just wants to or blew his chances of winning.

offline wasteroftime Titan Open Casket
Sunday 17/06/2012, 19:01


yep. auto play only makes sense with no pill and final round. everything else would solve a minor issue at the expense of creating new ones

offline Buddha Cr Hero  
Tuesday 19/06/2012, 09:23

Let this die please

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