offline abhishek Master lonely fighters
Friday 10/08/2012, 08:14

I do not quite grasp the concept of the new deck formats (Extended, standard etc).

It seems that having a 25 star deck is now not necessary, so for example, can i play in extended format using a 28 star deck?

And if so, what are the conditions? Will i get only decks that have 28 stars as well?
I have been playing with the normal 25 star deck but i have also been getting decks to compete with with four five-stars. Is it a random pick?

Generally, can you advise me on how many star deck should i play with as a prefer (in the old format) Type 1 fights.

Your help will be kindly appreciated!

offline Purpleiswin Veteran  
Friday 10/08/2012, 10:21

Having a 25 star deck depends on what mode you play in.
Classic has no restrictions, you use any card you want, but I've seen that I tend to get paired against opponents that have similar starred decks.
Deathmatch has Extended, Standard, and Extended 25.
Extended is what classic has, use any card you wish.
Extended 25 is any card with a limit to 25 stars, what you say you prefer to play with.
Standard is cards among the more recent releases, I forget how far back exactly they go, but it just takes out a handful of the original cards, with the exceptions of Ld's, Leaders, and starter cards.
Elo format is Extended, however there's a lengthy list of cards banned, with some changed every week or so. There's other small restrictions, such as no developing cards (Charlie can be used as an excellent 4* for example, but you won't see it in ELO)
Survivor has Extended (T2) and Type ELO.
Daily Tournaments are split into 3 levels, 0-23 stars, 24-31 stars, and 32+ stars, however you can win up to 5 bonus points each match for winning against a higher star deck (1 point for every star, if you have 24 stars and they have 27, you'll receive 3 bonus points.)

If you prefer the old format, extended 25 and type elo are your best bets.

Sometimes when someone's in a game mode and changes deck while they're in, they aren't kicked and could end up using a 34* deck against your 25* unintentionally.

offline dxm2000 Senior  
Saturday 05/01/2013, 20:13

Standard only let's you use cards three years or younger, restrictions are updated every six months. What I want to know is how can yotell how old your cards are.

offline wadoohy Veteran Masters of Battle
Friday 11/01/2013, 17:27

Cards with the letter S on the bottom right of the pic r standard smiley

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