Monday 13/08/2012, 22:31

The deck i'm using in DT is a mono-Skeelz deck which includes: Dr Falkenstein, Danae, Chiara, Logan, Tomas,
Dwan, Eloxia, and Belgosi. What do think about this deck? Should I change any of these cards or not? smiley

Monday 13/08/2012, 23:02

I'd change Caelous CR for Eloxia

Tuesday 14/08/2012, 01:12

I wouldn't run class 3 dt, its filled with rediculous decks that mono Skeelz can't compete with. and you wouldn't getting much in terms of points anyways ...

I would suggest a 24-27* deck, something like

Chiara Snowflake Lorna Sandro Dr Falkenstein belogi Redra and Andy Ld if you have him, if not Praxie or Danae

Thursday 16/08/2012, 23:52

I say its great!

Sunday 19/08/2012, 00:54

Do you play Standard or Extended with this?

Sunday 19/08/2012, 05:13

@ PermanatorWMD

I play Extended with this deck.


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