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Tuesday 02/10/2012, 17:50


let me introduce myself, my name is Angelo and im 26 years old i played Ur for a while but i had to take some breaks because of real life issues. Now that im back im on the HUNT for something like a life time Guild. In the past few years i actually played alot of PC-games and i played all of them pretty hardcore and successful but i decided to join the laid back faction i just want to have fun in Urban Rivals during my little play sessions.
I enjoyed and still enjoy the ELO mode the most. I dont have much criterias BUT there are a few.

1. be an ELO oriented Guild
2. Active guild, ingame and on the forums
3. Language, i prefer an English speaking guild but im able to speak German aswell.

Tell me if your got any Questions

see you soon

Sincerely Angelo

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