offline Goralion Admin  
Wednesday 21/11/2012, 12:06

While working on Urban Rivals, since several months we are developing our new title : Fantasy Rivals, a trading card game taking place in a fantasy universe. You will find the game type you like again, but with new game mechanics and an original universe. To be notified when the game is available and to sign in the private Beta which is going to start in the next few days, check out this page now.

offline -sCapeg0d- Colossus Limit Break
Wednesday 21/11/2012, 21:32

We can all hope to get beta keys or invites and hope the initial cards of FR turn into them BIG 5s of FR!!!

In all seriousness, I hope this latest endeavor is successful as UR, as Boostr just isn't your typical money-making-dont-give-a-s***-to-the-consumers corporation (like Kabam smiley) but really devotes it's resources into creating a better more fun game (not sure about standard though smiley), friendly environment, along with one of the best staff assistance, technical or otherwise. GL and I'm looking forward to the game! smiley

ps: Gimme a Kiki Cr for all the nice things I've said Fraggle. smiley

pss: French ... gals *swoon*

offline BMillion Titan E X C A L I B U R
Wednesday 21/11/2012, 21:48

I really want a code!!!!

However, I really think they should have connected the two games. I have spent like $200 on UR over the years I have been playing it and it just doesn't feel right to do it over again.... Maybe it will be easier to obtain cards or something, but I'm not necessarily looking for a big $$$$$$ dump.

offline bencrocker Master  
Wednesday 21/11/2012, 22:09

That's so strange! In my dream a few days ago there was a new Urban Rivals game, the same concept and gameplay but all different cant believe that! But I am looking forward to it so so much!
Im starting to find UR a bit repetitive as everyone seems to play the same cards over and over and a fresh new game will be perfect!

offline Taxt1271 Imperator  
Wednesday 21/11/2012, 22:39

I don't like it. I've put a lot of money into ur and it feels like this is going to throw it all away. This will probably only split the player base.

offline TheDoomBug Colossus Limit Break
Wednesday 21/11/2012, 22:41

After the private beta, will there be an open beta before it's official "release"? If so, would you make an announcement of it on UR?

offline TayLock_TpU Senior  
Wednesday 21/11/2012, 22:46

It should be like urban rivals players got a bigger chance to get the beta key smiley

offline Jaded Leaf Senior  
Wednesday 21/11/2012, 23:04 its up and can register if you have the beta access code

offline ELMThawinner Hero  
Thursday 22/11/2012, 00:53

Im actually happy about the new game
i only think that ur needs more innovative ideas and fast
urban rivals has been very repetitive on the ability and bonus issues.with the arrival of frozn i thought that you would bring new abilities but you only put more abilities in one. backlash was a great addition and you are doing a great job on the missions section but since that there were nothing but overpowered or crappy cards.
all im saying is i would like some more innovation on urban rivals.
good luck with the new project

offline ghelas Titan E X C A L I B U R
Thursday 22/11/2012, 00:59

I would encourage my fellow Urban Rivals players to think for a few minutes before hitting the big green "Reply to this subject" button. Games require a lot of hard work to create. Please don't disrespect UR's developers by saying things like "this is going to be UR with fantasy graphics" or "this means they will dedicate less effort to UR."

You have absolutely no reason to think these things. In fact, the only reason that you could be looking at this page right now is because the developers have already succeeded in keeping you entertained with one game.

Please, show a little respect!

offline CanopusHOA Hero Harbingers of Ares
Thursday 22/11/2012, 01:10

I'm looking forward to trying out Fantasy Rivals. The good things about it are:

-entirely new cards, I know most of the cards here.
-chance to be rich. There's going to be cards like DJ Korr. And they won't be CR. Not for a while anyway.
-new mechanics (apparently)
-new cards, new bonuses, new strategies. And I play the game mostly for the strategy.

If it isn't any good, well then I just won't play it smiley

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