offline NV_Voodoo Titan NOVA
Tuesday 12/02/2013, 00:04

Hi all i want to sell or trade 2 lots & Tanaereva Cr full.

The 2 lots are:
lot 1: 500 Lucy 0hp: 5.500 Clintz/u
lot 2: 150 Cutey 0hp 3.200 Clintz/u

Tanaereva Cr full hp for 210.000 Clintz. ONLY CASH!!!!

I'm looking for:
- Cash
- Playble Cr
- Lot of Ghumbo 0hp (20.000 Clintz/u)

Contact me by Private Message.
Sell or Trade by Secure Trade!!!

thanks Mod & Forum Operator!!!!

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Clint City, night.