offline misterjones Titan Limit Break
Wednesday 13/02/2013, 16:42

So a lot of the times when we talk about cards, we use terms like "wall", "nuke", "DR", "pill forcer", and so on. But one term that I and a few others use that I think is also useful terminology is "flex card" (or "utility card", if you prefer). This is a card that, situationally, can serve in more than one capacity, with no real preference for any one role. Ideally, they will have above-average base stats for their star level.

Marina is the classic flex card, of course. Other flex cards are offensive DR cards like Rudy, Eugene, Quasichoco, and Lady, or copy bonus cards like Lorna, Amiral Coco, and Klawz.

I find it's usually good to have at least one or two of these types of cards in any given deck. What are others' opinions on the use of flex cards?

offline KitsuneKatsumi Imperator XiongDang
Wednesday 13/02/2013, 18:53

I once had an epiphany about Marina. Why is she so good? It occured to me that what she really does is make the opposing character smaller. 7/5 is standard base stats for a 4* but often she's going to have both higher power and higher damage than the opposing character. So she has tremendous value.

I think a flex character is someone that almost always has a way of giving me an advantage when I draw them. Marina can DR if you can't win, and she can win if her DR is opposed by SOA. My other favorite flex character was Yayoi. SOA + DR is a topend defensive character, but 7/6 SOA is also an amazing bomb especially for Pusscats that don't need that much damage to win. She is also unpredictable. Her damage can't be stopped, so she is a huge KO threat. Yookie was another character like this.

3* and 4* attack manipulation + SOA is also another popular flexible combo. Rubie is a good example of this, as is Gertjan.

I also like a high power pill manipulator like Corvus. A pill manipulator can be used a bomb (pill forcer) that is immune to DR but can also be used as a wall. Corvus is my 2nd favorite bomb in Skeelz because of this flexibility. The only downside is they are not good as a 4th round anchor.

Protection power and damage characters are great teammates. They usually have good base stats and can also go against SOA.

Flexible characters, often both useful and unpredictable, demonstrate that you don't need raw 8 power to be a good character in ELO.

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