offline King Claptrap Veteran  
Tuesday 05/03/2013, 20:14

Welcome aboard new members, we here at the crew would love for people to join our guild. We only ask of you to play once every three weeks, you do not have to be a high level at all. Please join this guild and I'll make you one of the best!!!

offline ArtemisBZ Colossus BrainZtorm
Wednesday 06/03/2013, 01:51

Here are the rules for an “user-friendly” Introductions and Recruitment forum :
Please, read, follow these rules and all your threads will be validated.


[RECR] = Recruitment
[INTRO] = Introduction
[LFG] = Looking For a Guild
[RP] = Role play / Fanfic


[RECR] + Title
Describe your guild, what are the benefits (or lack thereof) of joining your Guild? What do you do? Etc.
Include a guild link.

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