offline philsfan1234 Imperator D-Versified
Friday 22/03/2013, 21:05

Is there a set of guidelines for commenting? Because some of the comments that are deleted are just ridiculous. I don't understand why some of my comments have been deleted.

This, for example.
Let me say a couple things.

First off, power manipulation + attack manipulation has always been a terrifying combination. This card, with both mins at 3, is probably one of the most terrifying power + attack manipulators yet. Secondly, it also reduces damage!!!! If it wasn't OP before, it now definitely is. Let's add one more thing. IT'S ONLY 4 STARS!!!!!! Another OP Sakrohm to go along with the ranks of Graks and Guru Cr.

Get Mokra before he's gone in ELO!

offline Infiniti Moderator Open Casket
Saturday 23/03/2013, 11:51

Its not just mods that can delete comments. Comments can also get auto-deleted if lots of players rate your comment red. Thats probably whats happened.

offline UM_AaaBattery Moderator URBAN MADNESS
Saturday 23/03/2013, 12:49

Your comment was auto deleted by the UR comment system, probably because it was rated red by too much by players.

It wasn't deleted by a mod/admin.

Sorry it happened to a comment which actually has info but the auto delete can go wrong if players red face for no reason.

offline Alhalish Veteran URBAN MADNESS
Saturday 23/03/2013, 12:58

Why not put a funny or witty remark/pop culture reference before you put your card analysis?

It will stand out more than the other comments, thus preventing it from getting deleted, yes?

offline philsfan1234 Imperator D-Versified
Saturday 23/03/2013, 13:34

Okay, makes sense. Thank you for your helpfulness.

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