Wednesday 03/04/2013, 23:18

I have multiple cards to trade for your Kawamashi Cr any exp i value them at 4k a head
shaw woman cr 0 exp 740k - 185 Kawamashi Cr any exp
aldeberan cr 0 exp 560k - 140 0 exp Kawamashi Cr any exp
kalindra full - 20 kawamashi
Ongh full - 10 Kawamashi Cr
slyth cr - 9 Kawamashi Cr
0 exp Hawk + 1k = 3 Kawamashi Cr any exp ( i can do this trade 23 times)
pm or message here if intrested thanks

Wednesday 03/04/2013, 23:53

Also have 3 0 exp Kenny Cr willing to add 3k to the lot for 30 kawamshi cr any exp
or Kenny Cr 0 exp + 1k for 10 Kawamashi Cr any exp

Thursday 04/04/2013, 21:14

Still looking smiley

Thursday 04/04/2013, 23:20

No longer have the Hawk Sylth Cr Ongh or the Kenny Cr 's

Friday 05/04/2013, 12:51

Trade at 4k and re-sell at 5k good smiley

Saturday 06/04/2013, 01:33

Lol that's more of an advertisement but hey if someone buys my kawamashi at 5k then i won't complain lol

Saturday 06/04/2013, 01:56

(More of an insult actually, depending on whether you take it as sarcasm or not). It's a shame I already own all of the cards mentioned bar aldebron, as I have 30 kawa's that I hate sitting on.

Saturday 06/04/2013, 11:18

Not ad advertisement or insult, only report what i see smiley

But It's not the right place to discuss about that, go with your search jess smiley


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