Friday 24/05/2013, 11:03

The atmosphere in the Piranas' lazarette was all very dreary until Bonnie Ld returned from her voyage to the four corners of the world! Having set off to discover new serving skills, she’s picked up some handy techniques for controlling a hungry and thirsty crew. So look out ship mate and Don’t forget your manners when she’s serving you unless you want to end up as a tasty snack for the sharks!
Bonnie Ld is a legendary character who is only available by carrying out missions connected with her.
To obtain this character, you must unlock her last mission before July 21st at 11.59pm (GMT + 2:00)

Friday 24/05/2013, 11:10

No new ld ._.

Friday 24/05/2013, 11:13

Aww I wish Huracan would've gotten their Ld early on like Frozn but oh well.

Friday 24/05/2013, 11:14

Easy missions smiley

Friday 24/05/2013, 11:16

Unfortunately, no Huracan LD smiley disappointing
Really... disappointing

Friday 24/05/2013, 11:20

Yey! Bonnie smiley

Friday 24/05/2013, 11:25

Boonie Ld is great.. too bad she's ELO banned.. smiley

Friday 24/05/2013, 11:32

It would be funny and incredibly annoying if the UR Staff released the Huracan Ld as the last card in the new cyclesmiley

Friday 24/05/2013, 11:41

It would be even more funny that the UR staff makes Bonnie Ld ELO legal, so that the Pirana's finaly become viable...
Just my two cents smiley

Friday 24/05/2013, 11:53

Awww already have Bonnie Ld bring on the Huracan ld smiley


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