offline ColonelPenguin Guru  
Wednesday 29/05/2013, 21:06

I am looking for a casual guild with a fairly active and social community. I would like to ultimately find a small guild that I can feel like I am a part of it instead of just being a member. I would like something with random forum contests, guild events, etc.

I would also be interested in starting a guild with someone to shape the guild into what I am looking for, if anyone else shares the same wants then we could start up a guild?

offline J-Nug Hero  
Wednesday 29/05/2013, 22:10

If you're looking for a guild, try war party

offline WP_Bauldy Titan War Party
Wednesday 29/05/2013, 22:10

You want us smiley

offline lemiho19 Novice night school
Thursday 30/05/2013, 15:40

Night School

offline J amox Titan Open Casket
Thursday 30/05/2013, 20:13

You want us so bad.... We have lots of fun smiley

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