offline DLL Laermans Master de lage landen
Monday 10/06/2013, 14:55

New deck for this week, seeing the return of Yookie. The deck focuses on attack manipulation.

Please R&C!

Who needs Mokra & Uranus anyway

offline UM_AaaBattery Moderator URBAN MADNESS
Tuesday 11/06/2013, 11:31

Nice deck. smiley

offline wats_happenin Colossus Casual Grind
Wednesday 12/06/2013, 08:32

SoA will unfortunately tear your deck a new hole to crap out of
Rico>Gretchen she is very good vs Freaks
Stella>Jautya ...I prefer Petra usally but in this deck you can really pump the threat of Jautya

Personal preference would be
Aleister> Woodsy (BEtter damage, less predictable IMO the best 2*)
Treeman>Flora...I don't like that Treeman has to pill quite a bit to be good, id rather just block with Flora)

offline DUC-j00p Imperator  
Wednesday 12/06/2013, 16:51

Finally another woodsy fan smiley

offline Sweet Titan Clint Players
Wednesday 12/06/2013, 21:40

Maybe Noodile cr > rico and ngrath > corrina smiley

offline wats_happenin Colossus Casual Grind
Thursday 13/06/2013, 05:58

@j00p Right back at ya!!

offline JO3SHMO Imperator Wise Men Distracted
Thursday 13/06/2013, 07:01

Poor Woodsy doesn't get enough love. smiley

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