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It's been a long time since I've did a UR story and I promise that I will watch myself to make it forum-friendly. I hope you like it.

NOTE: The story takes place shortly after Vortex arrived at Clint City. For the sake of the story, Stella and Ngrath have already joined. And * means the character is thinking.

*Blah, blah, just keep yammering you stupid human.* Reine Cr once again struggles to not roll her eyes as she and the rest of her clan watch Guru deliver a sermon. *The great Glibon Dashra Sakrh is going to come down on his big, white spaceship and take care of all his good little worshipers.*

It wouldn't surprise her if at least a fourth of her clanmates even bought this swill. Ludwig only joined because they gave him a place to say and there were at least four others that trying to claw their way to the top, ready to take what was rightfully hers. She'd almost admire their efforts if they weren't so annoying. Even her assistant, Petra, would try to stab her in the back if the moment were to come up. *Idiots, all of them.*

Guru's preaching grew louder and more flamboyant with each word, encouraging his followers to cry, "Praise the Cosmic Entity" to match his volume. Ugh, their bellowing was scrapping against Reine Cr's ears that she had to do something to block it out. For now, she scanned to area to see which one of these sheep would earn her snide comments afterwards. *Too dumb. Can bite back. Oh, her.*

Any comments and stuff are welcomed.

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"Glory be to him." Stella's voice cried the loudest at the end of the sermon making her want to gag.

Granted Sigma was a close second, but Reine Cr remembered all too well the last time she verbally thrashed Sigma hard enough to make her cry. That smack to back of the head via Ngrath stung like hell for the rest of the day. So the "little blond bimbo" would have to do.

"Rapsie ihm. Ish ovle si tenurla." Ignorant of her clanmate's displeasure, Stella perfectly sings out every line of the hymn in Glibon Dashra Sakrh's native tongue. "Eh liwl ugide su whit ish sidmo."

And wisdom it was. For the last three years, Stella's fledgeling pop career just seemed so shallow, as if something was missing. Now she had something wonderful like the plane of energy that was growing behind her leader. Many of her clanmates were gasping at the site of all of its swirling, pink-like glory, but she didn't see why they had to.

"Everyone, stay calm." Sigma called out, waving her arms in hopes that it would get their attention. A noble effort, but it couldn't tear their attention from Stella's voice drawing their attention to the portal.


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*It's so beautiful, so wonderful. Could I be doing this?* Stella's heart began racing as she raised her voice. Judging from the powerful blasts of wind emitting from the portal, she must be doing something right.

"Stella!" Sigma begged, helping Guru back up on his feet. "Please, stop singing."

*But I'm so close.* She knew the Great Cosmic Entity would understand. "Nothing risked, nothing gained" as the holy books had taught her. And now it would reward them all in a flash of light that filled the entire cathedral with its brilliance, only to die down within moments.

"It can'" Guru mutters before collapsing.

"Do not be afraid." A strong, yet soothing voice caught everyone's attention, bringing forth a collective gasp upon sight of its owner. This tall, regal human in his early 40's stepped out. His purple armor shined gloriously against the vortex's light as his waist-length blond hair swayed with each step. Everything to the Sakrohm's weary, hopeful eyes demanded that they fall to their knees in awe or in Stella's case, run over and hug him.

"Glibon Dashra Sakrh, you came. I knew you would."

"Oh damn." Reine Cr grumbled.


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Chapter 2

*Damn. Damn. Damn!* This couldn't be happening. All that planning and disdain for everyone around her is all being crushed under the feet of karma itself. Now all Reine Cr could do was knell before this man in front of her.

"Oh great Cosmic Entity," Na Boh rushes over to him, gets on his knees and loudly kisses his feet. "Pleasure to see you."

*Sycophant.* Reine Cr silently got up with the others. The rest of the clan's eyes follow their god's every move in mix of emotions, waiting for him to do something. His face tries to not show any negative feelings as Stella and Na Boh were still at it. A thousand thoughts run through the Sakrohm's heads, almost a little scared for what might happen to them.

"That will be all." He quickly pries them both off. *Please tell me they're not all this pathetic.* There has to be someone who can prove him wrong, but among the plotters, true believers and the ones that were just here for convenience, it was looking hopeless.

"Guru." That's when Sigma's voice broke through as she gently shakes Guru's arm. "Come on, he's finally here." The tone is so kind with a child-like hope, it amuses their god as he makes his way towards her.

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"Creator." Sigma almost jumps back. "I...uh, sorry about that. I didn't mean to." He could barely barely restrain from smirking at her desperation. There was just something about the sight of one scrambling for words in his presence that amused him greatly. It knocked them down a few pegs and into the very state they all deserved.

"He'll be fine." Is this really her god? It wasn't just the supportive, heavily armored hand on her shoulder that was making her blood rush to her face, but he was so...personable. It was far from the large, green, tentacled eldrich creature she expected him to be. In a way, she didn't mind. "For I am Glibon Dashra Sakrh and nothing happens without my permission."


It wasn't everyday when Rescue would make a house call, but then Kerry remembers what Uranus and the B-Team did for her, swallows any suspicions and gets to work. "And you're sure the Uppers had nothing to do with this."

"Of course not," Uranus blurts out as her and Oryon stand by their leader's bedside in his private chambers.

Why did they have to creep her out so much? "So who did it then?" Kerry turns to Oryon.

"Blue Yetis with ice guns."

*Can't you see? It's because of the great Glibon Dashra Sakrh. Guru risked his life to bring him here.* How Uranus wished she could hail the good news to Clint City. Oh, the rest of the clans would be so sorry and fall to their knees in praise of the faith that they humored at best. *No wonder Eris is so @#$.*

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"Anyway, it seems that the "ice guns" have put your leader in a coma. There doesn't appear to be any obvious injury or puncture marks, but I want to know more before I rule in any mystical influences. If you don't mind, I can bring in Elvira."

*For now, I wish not to reveal my presence this world.* Uranus had to admit, maybe it was for the better and all she could do was give a sigh. "We'll handle it."

"If you say so." Kerry shrugs her shoulders. "I'll try to contact you in a day or two to see how he's doing."


"Do you want me to get rid of her, Emperor Dregn?" Neole asks through her communicator as she watches Kerry leave.

Sakrohm's supposed armored god, shook his head. "Someday."

"I can easily trail her and --"

"What did I just tell you?"

"Not to." She felt her own voice get softer the second he raised his.

"Now remember, the second you arrive in Sakrohm City, you are my acolytes. Got it?"

"Yes Emperor."

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Chapter 3

"And Lovak, I want that hood on at all times." Lovhak quietly grumbles at Dagg as he removes his favorite hat, not really caring if he heard him. "I don't want them looking at you and getting any ideas. As for you," Dagg turns towards Butch. "Don't talk at all."

"But..." Dagg pounds his fist into the palm of his hand. "Yes sir."

*Ok, Butch, you can do this.* Butch wishes he could have something to breathe into as Dagg leads them into Sakrohm City. *Who knows, maybe they'll never wise-up.* His chest gradually tightens with each step. *Then you won't have won't have to fight. No killing. No brutal, agonizing death.*

"Isn't it great, son?" Memories of his parents taking his then six-year-old self to a war hospital came back to him.

"That's right darling." Butch's mom said in the same chipper, overly happy tone as if they were in a field of joyous bunnies and lollypop trees.

"They sure don't look happy." What the heck were they seeing? The groans of pain burrowed into Butch's young mind. He could almost feel it leaving a mark that would be there for a long, long time.

"They're just happy to serve our dear, Emperor Dregn." She merrily turned her son towards the whole mess the second he tried to turn away.

"Risking your life for him is the best honor ever."

"But daddy, what if I die?"

"We'd be so proud of you." Beaming with pride, they hugged him tight.

Back in the present, Butch knew he wasn't going to be sleeping well tonight.

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These are great!

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Thanks you very much. Back to the story...

"Welcome." Sigma greets them as the other members watch then bow at Dagg's presence. Granted a few hesitate for a second before joining in out of politeness. (Especially the balding, blond alien and brunette man in orange with the stubble next to her.)

*They can be worm food later.* Dagg immediately turns toward Sigma and the more loyal of the followers. "Affirmative."

*Well, they seem nice.* By then, Butch could feel his chest loosening up from watching the Sakrohm members warmly accepting his clan. While he couldn't see Lovhak's expression under his hood, he knew the others were trying to keep their disdain in check. It sure beats the way things were in his time. Nor did they have...her.

"...." No, it could be. His heart flutters as he gazes upon Stella. There was just something to her that struck him when he saw her for the first time a week ago, doing a pop version of Lesley Gore's, "Sunshine, Lollipops and Rainbows".

"Hello there." Oh, why did she have to turn her attention towards him? Now what would Lovhak do in a situation like this? Flash a charming smile and maturely tip his hat like the idealized cowboys of old that he is so fascinated by. Then she'd swoon at his good looks and charm, throwing herself into his arms.

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"Don't say anything." Dagg growls through his gritted teeth, just loud enough for Butch to hear.

Everything feel silent for a painfully long second as Butch's heart and brain battle with each other. *Tell her. Shut-up. Be suave. Be quiet. She'll accept your love. You don't have a chance in Hell with her you pathetic coward.*


"Aren't you a cute little alien." She giggles and pinches his cheek. If it weren't for the possible beating he would get from Dagg, Butch would've fainted.

NOTE: In case anyone is wondering, "Sunshine, Lollypops and Rainbows" is a real song.

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