Wednesday 17/07/2013, 14:37

It seems UR is starting to get its share of spammers that try to sell clintz/cards for real money. Real or fraudelent, but they should be gotten rid of.

How they work: They create new accounts and start spamming their advertisements immediately, to forums, to private messages etc.

Why it works? - Because the work from signup to be able to spam is really low.

How to fix this?

1) Disallow public/private messages and comments to anybody except friends until player has played 50 fights that did not end up in timeout.
2) Disallow friend requests from anybody who has less than 50 fights (but they can be still asked to be friends. it has to be initiated by someone else.)
2) Give boot to all the illegit advertisers IMMEDIATELY and without questions after verifying proof.

This way work to be able to spam becomes really hard (you pay in time to fight 50 fights) to be able to get 1 shot in spamming. That is counter-productive. Legit players get 50 fights quickly, so they really wont suffer at all. Its all about being able to stop repeated activity.

Wednesday 17/07/2013, 15:46

The problem with this system is most of these people spamming run fight bots, so doing 50 fights for them is just afking for a few hours like they already do.

Thursday 18/07/2013, 16:42

I hate to say it.. but the old system worked a lot better in getting rid o spammers smiley

Thursday 18/07/2013, 16:47

Do we appreciate instant posting enough to deal with all the spammers ourselves? That's pretty much the whole question right now.

Thursday 18/07/2013, 16:51

I really like the instant posting... smiley

Thursday 18/07/2013, 19:56

Oh come on.. Spam on anti-spam thread. How much easier can you make this?

Thursday 18/07/2013, 20:50

"2) Give boot to all the illegit advertisers IMMEDIATELY and without questions after verifying proof. "

We are doing that don't worry. If we find a illegal advertiser we ban them. Sadly theres a lot comeing at the moment. We are fighting them the best we can but if you find one on the public presets, Forums or PMs please report it or send me or anuther mod a pm with a link/screen shot so we can take action.

Thursday 18/07/2013, 23:42

Maybe it's a disgruntled employee smiley

Thursday 18/07/2013, 23:48

I'll sign this.

And for god's sakes,mods,please have a look through the character pages and get rid og those ridiculous ascii posts and random posts of level 10s saying "hi" or such wonderfully helpful nuggets like "asdfghjklqwretyuiopzxcvbnm"

Friday 19/07/2013, 00:02

Well that is the price of a less moderated forum. i personally felt more in touch when things had to be moderated before the posts went through. but it caused some big delays when mods would be sleeping smiley

i try to remove presets and character reviews when i can. the hardest ones to get at are events where the spammer hits up the event forum


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