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Wednesday 31/07/2013, 21:57

Well the cards im willing to trade are these ones:
Vortex: Deea 0xp and Krung 0xp
Fang Pi Clang: Lost Hog 0xp and Zinfrid 0xp
GHEIST: Stalfhaust 0xp and 2x Toro 0xp
Jungo: Ronald 0xp, 3x Adler 0xp, Hystrix 0xp and 3x Psylo 0xp
Piranas: Lizbeth 0xp and Andsom 0xp

the im looking to get are:
Bangers: Shogunn, Juicy Lord, Kluwn and Chikko Cr.
Fang Pi Clang: Heitachi, Kuei, Kusuri, Linda, Macumba, Shizawa, Tsubame, Ryuichi, Sung Tsu and Windy Mor.
GHEIST: Anibal, Arkn, Erika, Rolph, XU52, Lin Xia, Z3r0 D34 and Dr Saw
Jungo: Greow, Nyema, Sylth Cr, Kreen Cr, Niva and Wendy.
La Junta: Gertrud, Naginata, Ed12, Dean, Jane Ramba Cr and Isatis
Piranas: Bloodh, Dalhia Cr and Smokey Cr.
Pussycats: Diana and Charlie
Rescue: Aurora, Benson, Kerry, Marco Cr and Steve.
Skeelz: Carter: Chwing, Jay, Todd, Aigwon, Aylen, Damian, Lorna, Praxie and Redra,
Vortex: Dregn and Heegrn Cr,

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