offline Shunsui K Guru D-Versified
Friday 02/08/2013, 13:36

If you're looking to expand your guild, check out my profile:

Best ELO score was 1074 on 7/28/13.

My current deck is Vortex / Berserk:

My secondary deck is Vortex / Fang Pi:

My strategy is to strike for first blood, bluffing with cards that +Life for defeat. Or, if the draw favors Vortex, I stack the first round with 5-6 pilz, backed up by Stop Ability/Bonus. If I lose, the opponent is down on pilz. If I win, the opponent is down on life.

When I have the opponent weak on pilz and/or life, I strike with one of my heavy hitters. Usually, Revok, Taylor, Kuei, or Tsubame will seal the deal smiley.

As you may have already guessed, I like to talk strategy! PM if you think I might be a good applicant!

offline _2015_ Senior Harbingers of Ares
Friday 02/08/2013, 17:14

Come join gulid:801675

offline _2015_ Senior Harbingers of Ares
Friday 02/08/2013, 17:15

Come join D-Versified

facepalm* my bad for typing guild wrong...

offline J amox Titan Open Casket
Friday 02/08/2013, 18:35

Or war party smiley.

We will help you with improving decks and gameplay, and will help you with all the game modes smiley.
Also we have lots of competitions and events to win prizes and practice skills smiley.

offline darkdragondt Master Legendary Domination
Friday 02/08/2013, 23:44

Or come join Legendary domination, we will be happy to have you join our guild, you seem like a very smart player.

offline Shunsui K Guru D-Versified
Saturday 03/08/2013, 03:12

Ok, thanks guys! Let me discuss with a few friends, and then make a decision...

offline Waddle Waddle Novice URBAN MADNESS
Saturday 03/08/2013, 19:26

You do know it's not a permanent decision?

offline Shunsui K Guru D-Versified
Saturday 03/08/2013, 21:40

Ninja Waddle, are you saying it's common for people to change guilds a few times?

offline Kate Urban Rivals Staff  
Saturday 03/08/2013, 22:23

Yes it is common I've been to at least 15 guilds

offline WP_Bauldy Titan War Party
Saturday 03/08/2013, 23:26

Join WP and you will never want to leave smiley

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