offline kung-fu dk Veteran  
Monday 06/01/2014, 08:25

So, hi. i am returning to urban rivals after a hiatus where i kind of fell off with the game. just need help catching up in what happening. i left around the release of Plunk , for clarity. I ran a lot of decks back then. sakrohm, piranhas, skeelz, and freaks being my main four decks. are there any new stables around for those clans, and has there been any new big things happening that i'd want to know about? i'd really appreciate some help catching up here.

available Thoazol Moderator Wise Men Distracted
Monday 06/01/2014, 08:50

Well. Huracan happened. Then Mechakolos happened. Then Emeth Cr and Kalindra Cr happened. Sakrohm got Oxo. Piranas got Parmabarb. Skeelz got Kephren. Freaks got Hindelga. And now we're waiting for the return of T1/T2, new CR packs and new CRs.

offline HoA_Colours Hero  
Monday 06/01/2014, 14:06

Me too i need help i left before the release of jungo smiley what has happened then ?

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Clint City, day.