Tuesday 07/01/2014, 05:37

Honestly, I wasn't even sure where to put this

Now when I first started playing there were dozens of friendly, helpful, en players on the feed, constantly talking
Many of these players have retired and overall en participation has dropped

Many iPhone players, me included, only have the app for the activity feed

If any easily non offended, entertaining people are willing to try and revive the friends feed please comment the star emoji smiley
If it is ok to add you and expect an add in return

Friendly neighborhood squirtroll

Tuesday 07/01/2014, 22:41

I'm always available to add as well.

I'm usually available on news feed, and if you have anything you need to talk about, PM can be fine (but not too long)


Tuesday 07/01/2014, 23:18

Makes more sence if we just hate each other even more smiley

Tuesday 07/01/2014, 23:35

The change in forum moderation has also played a big part

the amount of posts have gone up... but the avg quality has dropped... and the hostility has increased

the forum as, as it is, is not that easy and friendly for a new person

all this on top of veterans moving on

Wednesday 08/01/2014, 00:08

It's just a waste of time now, isn't it wasteroftime?


Wednesday 08/01/2014, 01:29

Ill hyperlink everyone at every 20 ppl i get

Wednesday 08/01/2014, 01:39


Quoting Squirty from LoL

"OMG he make me so mad I quit"-referring to him being mad at Gomla in a game smiley

Wednesday 08/01/2014, 02:10

Omg, i cant stand gomla.

Wednesday 08/01/2014, 05:37


Wednesday 08/01/2014, 15:25

No charz,you love everyone and everything smiley


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