Tuesday 07/01/2014, 16:41

Are there certain clans that are more profitable to buy than others? (the average card is worth a higher value of clintz)

I'm about to buy some packs and want to generate the most clintz possible.


Tuesday 07/01/2014, 16:51

Which pack do you use? Elite or Titanium?

Tuesday 07/01/2014, 17:45

Whichever one will net me the most clintz! I have enough for Titanium if it's better. smiley

Tuesday 07/01/2014, 17:56

180 credits, 30 cards, 6 rare
40 credits, 7 cards, 1 rare

You can buy many elite but you have the chance getting double characters. It is better for clans with good uncommon cards (Freaks, Uppers, Pussy's)
Titanium is better for clans with expensive rares and because you got much cards. But it is better to choice clans with much cards over 10k and expensive rares. Vortex, Huracan, GHEIST, Junkz and Piranas are good examples

Tuesday 07/01/2014, 18:02

Or you can wait till Friday for new characters, then buy new blood, oh, now it's called Mega new blood smiley Everything is about luck..

Tuesday 07/01/2014, 18:59

Sentinel wouldn't be a terrible choice if you go for elites given how Copper soon to be Cr is still available. But as said, it's still all about luck and even if you picked the best clans you could end up with less than what the worst clans could net.


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