Statistic Website

Tuesday 07/01/2014, 16:54

Hey all! Just came across a intresting fanpage idea! Gather UR-statistics on one fanpage (personal).
I don't know how to do it but someone might. smiley


Tuesday 07/01/2014, 16:57

Elaborate what you mean by statistics?

Tuesday 07/01/2014, 19:17

Statistics over your fights, cards, etc. But I don't know, maybe UR don't have that kind of information available.

Bring me back a good deck-builder! smiley

Tuesday 07/01/2014, 19:30

Can't you do the same on this?

Tuesday 07/01/2014, 19:35

Unless he means in the sense of what FR has (Round 1, 2 pill Lucy against 0 pill Roger etc.), no. Just the limited amount of the most recent matches and points for few time periods.

Wednesday 08/01/2014, 23:17

Here is all the info you can get


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